Discussion in 'Submariners' started by scousesubmariner, Jun 30, 2007.

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  1. alright lads just thought that i would say hello to everyone i just registered this morning (it was a bit quiet on the 4 til 8) im sure that if any of lads off the mighty? HMS ASTUTE are reading this they know who i am especially you 'seenofthefcuk'
  2. welcome shipmate, get stuck in :)
  3. Welcome. Be careful about what you may get drawn into saying about ASTUTE - there will almost certainly be a journo reading :thumright:
  4. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Oh! dear, there goes Nutties blood pressure, another scouser :threaten:
  6. Welcome Scouse,
    spent many a happy day standing by CONX at Lairds - and we had better football teams to watch...............
  7. Can anyone offer a translation on whatever it is that TomO said? Oh yeah, and welcome to you Scouse.

  8. Scouse,
    It won't be long now 'til you're freezing your nuts off alongside the wall at a tidal berth. Hang in there matey.
    I 'spose being all singing and dancing and stuff Astute will do colours and sunset the modern way. Press button A and the jackstaff rises out of the casing with the Jack unfurling and piping the still and carry on will be done via a reducer clagged onto the ships whistle..........Still, if it means less bullshit and more time in yer rack I'm all for it!
  9. Strange boats the new 'A's I see they have no 'peep sticks only cameras and the ship control panel if thats what its called looks more like an 'X box'
    I thought Otus was state of the art with a 'one man band' hey ho!
  10. There should be a luminous sign clagged onto the WT mast so when raised it reads.....'HMS Astute is in your vacinity and knows exactly who you are and what you're about...give in now....you know you want to'! :threaten:
  11. wont need to, given that the one man control joystick is operated with your left hand for someone who uses their right hand for most things i would have thought the chancing of broaching were good
  12. The Collins class joystick is set up the same way. There must be a secret conspiracy of left handed SM designers out there. My only experience with it was in the simulator and I found it a real pain in the arse. After initial problems the troops at sea seem to have adapted to it, but maybe thats because 'George' does most of the driving these days.
  13. well thats what they reckon for us as well that george will be doing the driving but its gona be hard for an OOW to want to keep it in auto for most of the time, from personal experience doing trials on it in Barrow it was a pain in the arse but like everything you just gota get used to it shippers.

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