Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by jord2k7, Jun 14, 2007.

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  1. hello there just introducing myself as i am new to the forum, i have just left skwl and have passed all the selection process and have been given my joining date for Raleigh which is the 7th of october... if any other members have or recieve the same joining date I would be over welmed to hear from use lol just so i could be familiar with someone when i arrive at Raleigh... well thanyou all Jord . :thanks:
  2. Hey

    I'm joining Raleigh on the 7th of Oct too - what are you going in as?
    I can't wait.

    Nicky xx
  3. going in as a warfare specialist you ?? ive been lookin for someone joining same day as me but havnt had any success until nw lol :thumright:
  4. Yep same trade too
    Where you from? How old are you etc?
  5. From Barrow-in-Furness put full name coz not alot of people no where it is lol ... 16 and male lool you ?
  6. Completely different!!

    I live on the south coast - Chichester, and i'm 25 and female!!
  7. lol ok ...have you done your RNAC ? wb
  8. Got my join date the other day, 7th October too!

    Going in as a CIS Specialist. Near Brighton, 20, male.

    Shame you don't live a bit closer, Jord - the lot of us could meet up for a pint or three before chipping off down to Plymouth.

    I think I asked Nicky before, but are either of you going to the RNAC? I'll be there on 2nd-5th July.
  9. cool ... i know would of been good to do that :D i'm goin to it but on the 16th-19th july another set back lool oh well we could get put into same division and a cud even be in same room as you chris lol wb
  10. Nice one Chris - i couldn't afford the time off work to go to the RNAC!! Bloody Royal Mail............have a good one mate, let us know how you get on.
    How's the fitness going? I want to be a machine by the time I get to Raleigh!!
  11. Welcome on board our merry, eccentric war canoe!

    Chichester, I went sailing off there once... the only time I've been severely seasick in a yacht! Nice Theatre though :) I wouldn't mind retiring there.

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