Shhhh, I was sleeping in here, how did you find my secret hidng place?
Incidentaly, did anyone else have special places to hide on their ships when you were hungover and needed a nap?
I used the bridge annexe on Arethusa, used to use the buntings flags as duvets (and camoflage). Also slept in a few ATU's when I was a lad on chippies party.
we had a hidey hole on "the Taxi" it was down in the bowels of the ship where we kept the radio equipment for the ABU, the good thing was it was next to where the human chain that "stored ship" was when it happenened so when the naafe did it and the crates of grolsh came on board we'd be stratigicaly placed and it was "one for you, one for us" we'd found out they wrote off every tray of beer on the corner of a pallet due to damages even before it came on board, so we never got found out, must of nicked thousounds of tinnies, but it wasn't stealing because we never sold them just dished them out to the lads (and lasses), when there was room it was a brilliant place to loaf and sleep, the only down side was you couldn't get suntanned in there.
We did the same thing on the Hecla, we were stashing it in one of my compartments and bringing it out a bit at a time. The can man sussed us out when he did an inventory though and (all credit to him) got all the beer bosuns together and we agreed to stick a few extra pence on every tin we sold in the mess to make up the difference. The Joss would never have found out and it would have been a happy ending but.....
A rather simple S&S rating decided to complain to the SO that the price of beer had gone up too much!!!! Tool !
Anyway, after a few weeks of threats of the SIB coming onboard (yeah, really scary that was, not!), it all blew over. Oh how I miss those jolly japes, only allowed 3 tins and only at certain times, in fact feck it, I think I'll have one now for breakfast..... cos I can.


Used to have a baby stoker that i had taken under my wing(as killick of the mess)
After a run ashore in Kingston found him in the forward calorifier space,imagine 38c outside and about 45c in the space-must have been a hell of a night!!!
Second time went to look for him, and yes did check the calorifier again!
Was about to come clean and inform the joss but thought better to recheck the bunk spaces.
Found the little fecker sleeping under his mattress!!!!

Next run ashore he was warned about failure of turning to and made ammends buy buying the wets and paying for my "lady friend"for the evening.


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Forward Shithouse. Put "OOA" sign on the outside, lock door from inside and put feet on back of the door so no-one can see the feet from the outside.