Hi there,

I'm not technically a submariner but am doing a final year project to develop a training simulator for the royal navy, as requested by the CO of HMS Vanguard!
I hope it's okay to post here. I found this site in my search for enlightenment on all matters maritime :)

I've made the basic simulator already, so need to start considering training scenarios. I'm vagually familiar with perisher, and want to use it as a basis for the scenarios of my system, but I'm finding it hard to get hold of more info.

So I'd just like to say hello!
And I was wondering if anybody could tell me a little about the perisher scenarios, or maybe point me in the right direction?

Thanks a lot, and merry christmas!


Lantern Swinger
to be fair if you foned ANY submariner based and asked to have an appoinment with some submariners you would be able to ask what ever you wanted.