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Discussion in 'The Corps' started by Jarhead, Apr 3, 2007.

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  1. Before i intrude too much on your parade, lemme introduce myself.

    I'm a Jarhead (AKA, American Bootneck), and i came here because i've always been interested in my British cousins, mostly due to my Grandmother being English... she was born and raised in Chorely, UK, married my Grandfather in 1942, and died 2 years ago.

    I served 3 years and out on a Medical, in the USMC. Did my time at MCSF BN. FAST CO. PAC, in Vallejo, Ca. and have been out now since 1991.

    So far, things look... close, to me. By that, there's enough echo of the Marines i'm used to that its comfortable to me here. (That and i play WOW on a Australian server makes some of the lingo understandable).

    To everyone, Hello!
  2. Welcome Jarhead.
    I'm a nurse, Australian, live in UK and got my tattoo in Chorley, so you should understand the lingo just fine :) Just go with the flow and give as much as you get. It's a good bunch here.
  3. Welcome Jarhead
  4. Hi Jarhead, nice to meet you.
    Make yourself at home :)
  5. Hi Jarhead,

    Out of interest, why do they call you guys "Jarheads"?
  6. Well, your beer's safe from me... can't stand warm beer. ugh.

    Although my Grandfather drinks warm beer to this day. <shrug>
  7. corresponding, why are the Royal Marines called Bootnecks?
  8. Same as US Marines are called Leathernecks.
  9. Oh ferk not another seppo. Vallejo - so a Hollywood Marine, family originated in Chorley which is on the edge of the known world, out on a medical and doesn't drink proper beer. You have got absolutely nothing going for you mate; so you should fit in here quite well. Pull up a sand-bag and make yourself at home.

    Just remember - The favorite drink in the USA is water. When it's hot they call it coffee and when it's cold they call it beer.

  10. the reason we're called leathernecks comes from the practice during, i believe the 1820's-1850's of having a strip of thick leather on the collar to protect against swordstrokes; i'm pretty sure Royal Marines don't/didn't have boots in the same place.

  11. From having boot black (or polish) on their neck from the afore mentioned leather.
  12. Yep, a Hollywood Marine - i've still got my Surfboard and sun Glasses they issued me in my closet. As opposed to Parris Island, who have pets during Boot Camp.

    Nothing going for me? at least i'm not looking to put u's in words that don't need them :p.

    To be honest, you could have gone to either of our MCRD's to end up at Vallejo - there were a few Parris Island Marines there. After we taught them how to hump in hilly terrain, they fit right in.
  13. Welcome matey , enjoy the site , your more than welcome , I would rather be the 51st state of America than part of Europe [helmet on ready for incoming] ,
  14. welcome to the site
  15. Actually, i think France likes keeping us Yanks at a distance - they might actually get all riled up to find a state on their doorstep!

    Oh, wouldn't that be funny, the Frenchies shitting themselves over American imperialism at work, Democracy is dealt a fatal blow, etc.
  16. French , bunch of ********* , spineless cxxxs , please dont wind me up ,
  17. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Welcome Jarhead, enjoy RR, its a fairly mixed bunch of Marines, Matelots, Pongos and civvys on here. If your lucky you might even bump into some of Gods finest....Royal Marines.

    Incoming......... :lol:
  18. God's finest what? Inbreds? Leftovers?

    Welcome Jarhead - give as good as you get and don't invade us for being slightly left wing or having oil you can nick... oh! Hang on!
  19. oil? nah, as my Grandfather said "us Yanks are overpaid, oversexed and overpaid" - that goes double for the Marines. if you're wife or gf is hot, we'll take her.

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