Hello there..

Quite new to the forum so thought a brief introduction might be appropriate.

I'm 25 and having recently had a bit of epiphany, or rather a stern word with oneself for a lack of direction in life since leaving school 9 years ago, have decided on a career with the Royal Marines!

I'm currently undergoing the long application process.. training hard and trying to keep an eye on the big prize (PRMC pass).. whilst keeping mates happy who don't understand and would prefer to see me piss all my hard work up the wall all weekend :lol:

Will be keeping an eye on this place for news of the Corps' movements and any advice I might need.

Nice to meet you 8)


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Welcome to the site, there's a couple of booties on here as your probably already aware. Just watch out for the bootie wannabe pongo's though :wink: