Hello There

Hello, I am going in as MA, currently waiting for a entry date to HMS Raleigh!

How did you like the life of a medical assistant?
Drakey & Ninja-Stoker. Thanks for the welcome.

Have been looking around the site for a few days and after seeing some of the questions/comments in the newbie forum, I must say that things have chnged since my days. On the other hand reading some of the postings from the " old salts " it has not changed that much.


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Welcome aboard Andy. I'm not a matelot and never have been but i like it here. Mind you, going in the barrel was an experience i could have done without. 8O
Andy_Cap said:
Hi Jen_M

It was great, would do it all over again.. good luck and congratulations
on your choice of branch.
Excellent, I am looking forward to it. Still waiting...though down to 20 months from 24 months...so a bit of good news!

Jen :D
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