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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Wheelson, Feb 10, 2010.

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  1. Hi there! Just joined. Thought I would drop in and say hello. :wink:
  2. Hi, welcome,, Do you like flowers?
  3. Flowers? No I get hay fever :dontknow: Found this site whilst researching. Uncle is in the Navy and wanted to look into it a bit more?

  4. Hello Wheelsonmeals,

    Errrm, It's usually the Newbies who ask a question at RR, but can I break that tradition by daring to ask you 'Why'?

    Potential RN/RM Recruit perhaps? Or have you 'just joined' the RN/RM already?

    No angle - just expressing a natural curiosity.

    Edited to see your reasons made clear whilst posting my question.

    Carry on that man :wink:
  5. Hi, just joined also, I am interested in Russian boats, but can I also join the Navy from here?
  6. Ninja will sent the recruiting forms via PM for you!
  7. I think you'd better follow the links on your other thread first and try google before asking questions.
  8. Hello, i have a bansai tree and a Venus fly trap.
  9. I use Bing but will try Google aswell.
  10. Ok, im confused? Whats with all the flower and plant references?
  11. S E A R C H
  12. Are you, where you ever, or have you inclinations toward becoming: A Barber, perchance?

    After that it just becomes complicated and gardening is best avoided at this stage of your career at RR :wink:
  13. When you join up and get your first ship, give me a shout and i'll come and scrub the flats for you!!!! :D
  14. Hello Wheelson!
    Welcome to RR :)
  15. Thanks, Harrier. But what are Flats? Do you have like multi-story houses on boats?
  16. Nah mate i just saw the thread saying hello, so i thought i will say hello and just mention that i have a bonsai tree and a venus fly trap.
  17. Yes.
  18. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Well you should know, Amanda. You've got your own florist shop in Caithness. Or are you not feeling very "Creative" today..?! :oops:
  19. Very creative today actually thanks :)

    Lol as has been said in another thread, been a very entertaining afternoon... although my flower conditioning has suffered a bit. Guess it will be a late night in the shop tonight.

    Thanks lovlies! Was fun while it lasted :) xx

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