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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by oldgreg, Jan 28, 2010.

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  1. Hello everyone, I passed my RT today for Seaman Spec so just got to get all the forms completed and sent off.

    Noticed the 18(ish) month wait so am tempted by CIS but will sort that at the interview stage fingers crossed (also dependent on my eye test results)...got the option of teaching English abroad if that the case, though I'll be gagging to get in by then.

    As is customary I will end my post with a question related to all things newb....The medical...is it simple? i.e hearing test, drop and cough or is it thorough? Am dreading the very mention of heart murmurs.

  2. Sadly the days of having your nuts cradled by the alarmingly cold hands of a MO whilst fighting your gag reflex against his BO are gone. RIP ball cradlers everywhere. :cry:

    Welcome etc. Remember, don't be a mong.
  3. hey. My medical was simple. First i had hearing test, wee sample, doc listened to my chest, moved me arms n legs around and measured lung capacity. Simples
  4. If on your paperwork you mention a heart issue in the past then yes there will surely be a discussion and maybe a request for some reports from your specialist/GP etc. If you don't list it and it is not easily identifiable from an external examination then it is unlikely to come up, however if you ommit such information and it later becomes an issue, then you stand a good chance of being in the sticky stuff for not being open and honest at this stage.
  5. The doc that did my medical was really nice and put me straight at ease, even the bit where they have to stick their fingers up your bum he was great about. He steadied me by holding my shoulder and as he did it gently caressed my hair with the other hand. I found it all a bit unpleasant but the doc seemed really pleased and gave me a full bill of health. Life in a blue one I suppose....
  6. Very good!
  7. Best part of joining up :)
  8. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    That Doc was'nt your sea dad, cheeky bastard, cutting anothers grass!
  9. Re: Hello there ---WTF!!

    So let's get this right...

    You can't get your nuts cupped any more but instead you can have a finger up your ar*e

    Someone in control has a weird sense of humour! :lol:
  10. Worried about us detecting a murmur.

  11. Have to say when I had mine she cupped my balls, maybe its just the magnetic power of my scrotum.
  12. Don't worry; most RN MOs couldn't hear a train coming out of a tunnel! :D
  13. Should I feel unwanted.. I never got a finger up my arse back in october!

    I should add I'm thankfull for this.
  14. Wardmaster

    1. Recruitment medicals are usually not performed by RN MOs.
    2. Please educate me on murmur detection- I feel my skills at clinical examination are lacking compared to yours. How is it you hear the beaty muscle beside the lungs?
  15. When did nut cradling stop? Seemed to be going strong this time last year...
  16. It's still part of the medical.... I don't think you should giggle when they do it...It just encourages them.
  17. I fondly remember my nut cradling from a random civvy at the AFCO, the loving lustful gaze in his eyes as he rolled him in his gloved palm.

    I farted just to break the awkward silence :)

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