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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Tricky71, Apr 25, 2008.

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  1. New to RR but not to dodgy chat rooms......hey Lamri!

    He said the pain would ease after a while but I am still struggling!

    Well a bit about me now:

    Pompey rate :thumright:
    Joined up: March 88
    Discharged: March 01 (Notice)
    Rate: AOTF (Killick Stoker)
    Ships:CVS, Type 42, Type 23, Type 23, Type 42. In that order!
    Living: Bristol (Work)
    Hobbies: West Ham, Lamri's bitch, FPS gaming (BF2 & COD4(MOD on TSG Site))
    Future: Just passed my skilled test for Oz, paid for the visa's this week and will be sailing off into the sunset around October 08.

    Any ??? just ask!

  2. 2s up on your job when you go mate?
  3. 2's up on me and now 2's up on my job!

    If they fill it then it's yours! Chances are they wont amd you would have to move to within 1 hour of Bristol for the oncall.
  4. 2OE signal is out for ME's soon mate and I'm dreading being on it :)
  5. Extra 10, thats 2.5 sea drafts in todays money......

    I hava a copy of "Four Weddings and a funeral", bottle of lambrini and some £2.99 flowers for when you go away. I shall pop round and see if Mrs L needs anything. :boogie:
  6. Extra 10!!
    They don't give those out much these days mate!

    As for looking after Mrs L, hope you've got a strong stomach!
  7. or one and a bit off landie and 2 and a lot on landie - is that the correct terminology
  8. Have I been out that long as I didn't understand most of that conversation :)
  9. Your not alone ^_^;
  10. I'm still in and I can't understand it either. Must be some strange dialect.

  11. Eh?
    Call yourself matelots!
  12. Sprogs eh Lamri.....

    *grabs tin hat and runs for cover*

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