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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Righteous_Canary, Aug 11, 2009.

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  1. Hi Guys and Gals

    Thought I'd introduce myself to the forums after finally signing up after months of lurking.

    Currently in the recruitment process to join as an AC. Have the FAA medical and then the Fitness test to complete the checks.

    I don't have any questions to ask (I've managed to grasp the concept of the search function lol), just saying hello to everyone :D .
  2. Well hello to you too Righteous and Welcome..always good to have a newbie who knows how to use the search function ( although I don't think it is actually working at the moment!)
  3. Aircraft Controller
  4. Welcome little lady,its a sad day because of the info that has come out about baby P,

    Ps,Do you know where Gilberdyke is ?
  5. I guess we the tax payer are gonna pay to give them new identification and maybe a new life in Oz.

  6. Little lady! I hope your not referring to me. I'm afraid you'd be greatly disappointed lol.

    Yes, I know where Gilberdyke is. I've never had the pleasure of being there myself though.
  7. Sorry i was a little tipsy on the red wine last night,so your a male with an avtar of a yellow canary,hmm ok its your avtar :D ,i have familiy who live in Gilberdyke,in fact my first wife has a pub in the village and ive two rugrats running around there somwhere,where in Hull do you live?

  8. haha, yes I agree my avatar is not the epitome of masculinity. It was the only picture that I could find under 6kb. I'll endeavour to find a more manly canary Chris.

    I live in the Newland area. Nice and quiet at the moment seeing as all the uni students have gone home for the summer. Gilberdyke is nice from what I know of it...its out of Hull so its bound to be lol.
  9. Hull's not that bad, had a bl**dy good run there when we took Warspite in there. Lost a few of the lads on a tour of the Smith and Nephew factory, although the girls gave them back later.

    Also No 2 son lives there as he works at the Uni.

    It could be worse and you could live on the other side of the bridge from nowhere to nowhere.
  10. Hey

    I'm also going in as AC (just got my provisional date today - 11th October) and thought i'd finally get myself registered on here - I've been reading the site quite a bit for both education and entertainment reasons :)

    Anyway, I too have no questions, just saying Hi to everyone!

  11. Please Sir, (raises hand nervously). I do have a question. With all these serving and potential Aircraft Controllers in or joining the Andrew, just how many aircraft have we got? :wink:
  12. Would be great if I could get in for October 11th as well. I don't know how many intakes for AC they will have. They might squeeze me in if the intakes are infrequent. I did my RT in early April so fingers crossed.
  13. I did mine in early April too, I've been giving my AFCO a bit of harassment to get me through everything as I simply cant wait to get in now! You only have your flight medical left now? I hear there were a few slots all together but I don't know if they are all filled - could be worth ringing the AFCO and see if they can do anything to speed things up :) Would be nice to know someone already when I hit Raleigh!
  14. Thats a very good question, one which I am currently unqualified to answer! :wink: In fairness, I heard there were only 6 newbie AC's in the next intake (could be a rumour but you never know) - I am of course keeping my fingers crossed they will have something for us to work with....
  15. You know mate I was thinking that, every other one seems to be heading/aiming at the FAA, I was beginning to think we had a carrier fleet tucked away out of sight

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