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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Drebin, Dec 2, 2009.

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  1. Hello everyone,

    So im joining the Royal Navy as a AET (like many others at the moment) and start at raleigh on the 14th Feb '10. Cant wait to get started, been working in civvie street for too long and am relishing the challenge that the navy has to offer. If only i looked more seriously into it at a younger age (now 25)

    But enough of that just been using this site a lot to get my naval fix so thought id say hi and thanks for the info thats on these boards, as well as the very funny piss taking!

  2. Welcome to site, even if you are going to be yet another fcuking woo :roll: :wink:

    Standing by for strange questions :)
  3. Congratulations on being the first newbie ever to not post a gash question.

    You will go far in this man's Navy.

    Oh wait just noticed you are joining as a WAFU, never mind eh? Chin up.
  4. Welcome to the Senior Services Senior Service. Welcome onboard Woo
  5. How do you work that one :?
    In November 1910 the Royal Aero Club, thanks to one of its members, Francis McClean, offered the Royal Navy two aircraft with which to train its first pilots.

    Submarine Service 1901...get to back junior :wink:
  6. The Royal Navy General Service Medal has been around since 1847 which means the GS has existed since at least then. I realise that Woos and Sundodgers can get the medal too but I put that down to the fact that your branches are so small and insignificant that they don't warrant their own specific decoration.

    Therefore the General Service dicks all over both your sprog branches.
  7. Wasn't suggesting we were the first, just senior

    Main Entry: senior
    Part of Speech: adjective
    Definition: older or of higher rank :lol:
  8. 'kinell a double fail :D
  9. Anywat Drebin, welcome and I hope WreckerL enjoys the CASEX when you get on pingers!!!
  10. I'll sleep safe :thumbleft:
  11. Welcome Drebin.

    I concur with 2DD but there's plenty of time for stupid questions.
  12. On behalf of the army I'd just like to say 'Ha Ha, you're joining the navy you LOSER' and give a sarcastic thumbs up in recognition of your bizarre decision :thumbleft:

  13. Thats true Drakey but I unlike most newbies have found the secret search function and thus the answers to most of my stupid questions but u never know! 8O

    And this potential wafu wants to say thanks for the welcome! :wink:
  14. Welcome Drebin. A good choice in branches.

    All those nice grey liners to take you round the world. (Assuming the navy still goes to sea).

    Enjoy the oportunities, take them and have fun whilst doing a worth while job.
  15. Horray. Go to the top of the class.

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