Hello mum this is going to be hard for you to read


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very sad :| , when you get depolyed to a ship in the navy do you have to write letters like that? or is it only when you go to warzones?
Hard pushed to read the whole lot without shedding a tear for the lad. Heartbraking. The last letter was inspirational, even if he could've done with some mouthwash :)

Rest in peace.
Very sorely missed indeed.Get your points though if i had wrote any letters like that .My parents would not be at all pleased with the lingo.The letters in themselves are very heart rending and i choked up
Wow, in his own poor spelling and bad language way this lad really got his point accross.

Hope the last letter is of some help to his familly.

RIP Squaddie, good on ya.


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He is a man amongst men - politicians hang your heads in shame. This man had more integrity and courage in his little toe than you have in your whole body. Greater love hath no man than.......
Heard the radio 2 interview with his mother, they read out the last letter swearing and all. Cried my fcuking eyes out. Thats it can't say anymore but RIP skin.


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they need to put that last one on the news , and the first one, there shouldn't be any "gobby civivs" not with what they are going through, for all to hear and make it known. or at least read them out on remembrance day and make it so they have to be heard. or something.

its so disrispectfull :( where is pride in ones fellow man in this country any more? and respect and... anyway

rip to you all.


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Certainly puts things in persepective - my eldest made it there and back safely - wrapped his claw in a few months back. Sorta makes me glad he did.
Christ - that was a traumatic read. Hard to keep it together in the office!

Good on the lad - i'm sure his family must be proud, along with the rest of the country. It is a loss to everyone - brave men like this die young, no doubt would have been an example to many others who could learn from him.
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