Hello...I'm new too.

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by wunt_be_druv, Oct 3, 2009.

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  1. This site was recommended to me by an ex Squaddie workmate.
    Ex WAFU of the early eighties era. Now in the Fire Service.
    Had a bit of a chuckle to myself at some of the posts on here and thought it was time I put my oar in..!
    Cheers...from rural Sussex.
  2. welcome to the site...even if you are a Woo :wink:
  3. Welcome Woo, do not be shy, make with the dits.
    Sure you have loads of tales about clicky beds and such. :)
  4. Tan faded yet?
  5. Welcome on board our floaty thing.

    Thought this might remind you of your wafoo days, taken on board HMS Ark Royal last summer.... :wink:

  6. Welcome mate...........ignore this lot...........they are not as bad as they smell :wink:
  7. Damn! I knew I should have changed my incontinence pads sooner! :oops:
  8. There speaks a Green Goddess :D :D
  9. Thankyou everyone.
    You're all too kind.
    Tan's long since faded, the deckchair has no brown flightdeck jersey draped over it, and the volleyball is banned as it's far too risky for hairy arsed firefighters. Could twist your ankle apparently..!
    I feel seasick already.
  10. Totally wrong!!!! :twisted:

    Any self respecting WAFU would ever 'rest' on anything so upright.

    Laid back is good - horizontal is better. Clicky beds preferred.

    An welcome on board fellow ex WAFU. :wink:

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