hello guys i was wondering.......

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by callumrobertson, Aug 7, 2014.

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  1. if someone could provide a conclusive list of test/interviews you need to pass in order to become a general service warfare officer
  2. Incoming ......
  3. I presume you have yet to see your nearest AFCO? That is your first port of call and they will give you the up-to-the-minute information you require on what, where and (approximately) when.

    All you will likely get from us at this point is reference to the above, reference to the official RN website and reference to the search function.
  4. Plus, you may wish to re-visit your username for PERSEC reasons.
  5. I have spoken to the AFCO on the phone and apologises because my thread was a bit misleading I am looking for advice on how to tackle things like the SIFT interview and the AIB and the PERSEC reasons what should I change it to
  6. I would love to be on the AIB, "so mr Robertson, on the 7th August you asked this question without visiting the AFCO, would you ask the NAAFI manager how to run the ops room?".

    The grumpy scouse stoker can answer the question however he appears to be in Holiday. Popped over to the Wirral for some culture
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  7. as I reiterate I have spoken to the AFCO on the phone and I am booked into the the recruit test/SIFT interview on the 1st of october I was just asking for a heads up on what soft of questioning could be expected on the day with regards to the SIFT interview and its Robertson not robinson
  8. I'm off on holiday in 8 mins, so have fun all!
  9. Change your username to whatever you want Mr Callum Robertson of Peterborough, just not your name or location of where you live.
  10. He's only up the road from me too
  11. Many of the questions will be testing your initiative and ability to research information for yourself. That will involve finding information from likely sources and then actually reading it.

    Your enquiry comes across as wanting the easy route - ask someone else to tell you everything so you don't need to bother doing any leg work. I am afraid you will find cold comfort here.

    Your AFCO is ALWAYS your best source for advice. There is plenty on this site here regarding psychometric testing (use the search function, but there are also stickies so bimble through each forum starting with Joining Up - happens to be second from top) and you will find a wealth of information there.

    What your request smacks of is laziness and I guarantee that this will not go down well at any interview, and especially not one for HM armed forces.
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  12. If I had my time again I'd join up as a dabber, just to give him the chance of being my DO!
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  13. with all due respect it may have "come across as smacking with laziness" but I assure you that was/has never been and will never be the intention. I intend to hit all my interviews with the due knowledge and conduct myself with the correct attitude and due decorum nessercery to pass them.
    so furthermore I apologise if It came across in that fashion Dredd but it was not the fashion itwas intended to be portrayed in
  14. ImageUploadedByNavy Net - Rum Ration1407420362.368041.jpg

    and a sea cadet too

    Nice selfie on your face ache page too
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  15. Fairy nuff then.

    I understand and appreciate that you may be looking for an inside track, but there is no way to "ace" an interview. All you can do is get a general feel for what is required, have your background knowledge up to speed (it does not have to be detailed or perfect, it just needs to be generally correct) and be confident in your answers. Read what others have posted previously for a flavour of what will come up.

    Don't get yourself tied up in knots thinking that it is going to be like an interrogation. It is less a case of having to impress, and more a case of removing those who are definitely not suitable. If you think you have the drive and the capability to succeed in the RN then this will come through. While there is no way to guarantee success, there are plenty of ways to b****r it up so with reasonable preparation you should prevail.
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  16. And don't bullshit, if you don't know have an answer, say so.

    The hole you can dig by waffling would put a demented JCB driver on acid to shame.
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  17. thanks so I just need to increase my knowledge of the navy look presentable and be enthusiastic.
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  18. Maybe learning to spell, punctuate and use capital letters would help. Perhaps learning how to use the 'search' function would assist you even more as all your questions have been previously asked and answered.

    (If this is yet another troll attempt at humour then please go away as we've seen it all already)
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  19. Listen to your Uncle Pontius, he has done it passed it and sold his Tee shirt.
  20. Harrier Pilots!!!!

    They lie like hairy eggs!!!

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