Hello from Metro Manila,Philippines.

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by MichaelManaloLazo, Jun 7, 2006.

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  1. Hello from Metro Manila,Philippines.

    It's 17:02 on Wed June 7, 2006 inside Araneta Centre,Quezon City,Metro Manila,Philippines.
    My site is at
    Royal Canadian Army Cadets 1980-~1983.
    #2525 Pickering High School Army Cadet Corps.
    Just Surfing. Thanks.
  2. Beware, my son; there are some dangerous women in your location.
  3. Ah yes, wonderfully dangerous...
  4. Angeles City, Pampanga, Philippines. wonderrrrrfuuuuuul.
    They are not as dangerous as where you are Lingyai, but I can now spot a ladyboy from 50 yards.
  5. Yeah so can I, at least I think I can but I am normally looking at the back of her head :twisted:
    My only regrets are that I wasted many years going on holiday to wanky places like spain and portugal before wising up and getting a bit further afield. Wonderfull. Variety is the spice of life !
  6. Same here. I've been visiting Thailand on average three times a year for the last ten years, mostly weddings or stag nights ( miles and miles of vertical smiles ) as you know it's a short hop from HK. Perhaps I'll PM you the next time I'm going.
    By the way we are of the same branch.
  7. Ah, the master race. Weapons Engineering branch, simply the best. Do it mate, I pop over to Honk Kong everynow and then for a bit of R&R, great place, been there long?
  8. 12 years, permanent resident and all that. Got two youngest sons here with me, the oldest one being a full screw in the REME still.
    Anyone else reading this should consider your next holiday destination as, like Lingyai, I think Thailand is by far the best place I've visited. Bangkok is beautiful but there are even better places in the country to see and you get a lot for a tenner.

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