Hello from FRANCE


Lantern Swinger
marskiller said:
Hi all,

I'm french and I like Royal navy :D .

Cheers now, we're British and you are our natural enemies!

Spy in the camp me thinks!

(Although the Jocks might like you)

P.s Don't go to Hartlepool whatever you do!
Waterloo?Trafalgar?Crecy?Agincourt?Poitiers?Aboukir Bay?You mean like these?LOL

I found this as well.

An English JACK-TAR giving MONSIEUR a Drubbing
Publish'd May 1st 1779

A sailor clasps a Frenchman by the collar and beats him with his walking stick as a grinning ship's boy stands by and points to the battle. The Frenchman has raised his hands, almost as if in prayer, to ward off another blow. His hat has already been knocked off and lies near a broken sword on the cobblestones near his feet. He cries out in distress, his wig dishevelled. In the right foreground, a small English terrier bites at the belly of an upturned poodle. The fight takes place in front of a Portsmouth pub whose facade takes up the left half of the background. The right looks back to the docks where the HMS Victory is moored. From its quarterdeck, two officers watch, their arms crossed. Out the pub window a barmaid hoists a tankard to toast the victor. A fashionably dressed couple stands in the pub door to the far right; he points a finger directing her attention toward the ship. The pub sign reads "Admiral Keppel," with the brews listed over the door:"Keppel's Cordial. Harland's Intire."

The print appeared anonymously with only its publication date, an unusual practice likely accounted for by the subject's political sensitivity. The print sides with Keppel in his contest with Admiral Sir Hugh Palliser following the inconclusive battle off Ushant in August 1778. Palliser, a government supporter, had charged Keppel, an opposition leader in Parliament, with having failed to pursue the French aggressively, prompting a court martial from which Keppel was acquitted with commendation. Keppel had in turn charged Palliser with failure to obey his order, transmitted by signal flags, to lend support. Palliser was also acquitted, but in his case without comment. Though the son of a peer, Keppel had been championed by ordinary seaman and commoners who viewed his acquittal as a victory.

Some nine years later, Robert Sayer reissued the image, now inscribed "Published Novr 11th 1788, by Robt Sayer in Fleet Street, London." The sign over the door, commemorating Keppel and his second-in-command, Harland, was revised to read "Rodney's Cordial. Hood's Intire." in honor of the British victory at Saintes in 1782.

marskiller said:
Hi all,

I'm french and I like Royal navy :D .

Hi Marskiller,

I'm Anglo-Italian, and I also like the RN, particularly the sailors... :lol: So apparently does God according to adverts on this site: God loves sailors. Poor Jennies! Why doesn't He like Jenny Wrens: why only MALE sailors, that's what I want to know? Padre?

Welcome onboard RumRation. Is French naval/military cuisine more exciting than what we have over here? :roll: ...or do you have rations also... :(

marskiller said:
Hi all,

I'm french and I like Royal navy :D .

Yeh same as the french apple grower who quoted ve vill bankrupture ze english apple grower viff our superior happles at a low cost price coz your supermakets are greedy profit making ********.

So if in doubt leave the frog and chinky apples on the shelf and if no english available buy New Zealand apples.

Fcuk mandelson[another knob head who should be out litter picking!!! no offence to litter pickers out there you do a wonderful job} and his no anchor butter buying shit the kiwis are our kinfolk another nail in the lid for our true friends from Kiwi and not forgetting Oz.
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