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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by RumCorps, Oct 24, 2007.

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  1. Thought that I would wander over from ARRSE and say g'day.

    I've had around 30 years military service both active and reserve and about the only time I dealt with the Navy was to advise/liaise with visiting ships on Shore Patrol/Out of Bounds Areas.

    In Sydney in the mid 1960's I very often stayed at Royal Naval House which was rather like your Union Jack Club.

    So, I can't really offer much in the way of life on the ocean wave and during my smoking days I never even smoked Players or Senior Service but if a topic comes up that I can contribute to then I'll be happy to add my two bobs worth, otherwise I'll just sit in the Mess and sip on my Bundaberg Rum with a dash of Coke.

  2. Welcome to RR mate. With the word Rum in your title, Im sure you will be accepted by these drunken barstewards with open arms :thumright:
  3. Good day to you too!! Welcome to RR mate and dive in and make a contribution.
  4. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Welcome to Rum Ration RC.

    Please feel free to join in.

  5. Yes....................come into the chat-room any time and we can discuss Rugby over a tinny of your delicious Australian beer :pukel: or a bottle of Chateau Chunderup :tp:

    We can talk about the Bundaberg Rugby Fixtures and why Australia don't want to play England until after they have changed the rules to suit themselves

    Bundaberg Rum Rugby Series Fixture

    14 June 2008: Qantas Wallabies v Ireland, Melbourne (Venue TBC)

    28 June 2008: Qantas Wallabies v France, Telstra Stadium, Sydney

    5 July 2008: Qantas Wallabies v France, Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane

    5 July 2008: New Zealand v South Africa, Wellington (Venue TBC)

    12 July 2008: New Zealand v South Africa, Dunedin (Venue TBC)

    19 July 2008: Qantas Wallabies v South Africa, Subiaco Oval, Perth

    26 July 2008: Qantas Wallabies v New Zealand, Telstra Stadium, Sydney

    2 August 2008: New Zealand v Qantas Wallabies, Auckland

    16 August 2008: South Africa v New Zealand, South Africa (Venue TBA)

    23 August 2008: South Africa v Qantas Wallabies, South Africa (Venue TBA)

    30 August 2008: South Africa v Qantas Wallabies, South Africa (Venue TBA)

    13 September 2008: Qantas Wallabies v New Zealand, Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane

    We can have fun fun fun :thumright:

  6. Hello babe and welcome xxxxxxxx[​IMG]
  7. G'day mate and welcome to RR xx
  8. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator


    I've been dying to use that text generator stolen from BH =)

  9. lol!!!!!!
    see--I have my uses!!???????????
  10. Hi RumCorp and welcome aboard from Dunners, New Zild, yes there are still some of us here, we haven't all moved to the Gold Coast yet!! Give me a few more winters like the one we've come through though and I'll be reviewing my options, my bloods getting too thin for the cold 'uns, still good excuse(who needs one really) for a tot or three.
    Get stuck in and enjoy.

    Bergan, the game in Dunners against the Yarpies (SA) wil be at Carrisbrook, I can see about a 1/4 of the pitch from my roof, and probably one of the last Tests that will be played there as plans for a new stadium (with roof and proper toilets!!) are going full steam ahead...the rate payers will be coughing up for it till hell freezes over and the council will still be pumping half treated sewage into the Pacific, but hey its Rugby so feckit! :money: :money:
  11. G'day mate, good to see another Aussie around to raise the tone of this place. :thumright:

    What Out of Bounds areas?
  12. Royal Naval House Sydney aka Johny's ? The Bear Pit and after hours with a bottle of Coke which was in reality well laced with Bundy , happy daze

  13. Thanks for the welcome but at the moment we in Australia and New Zealand would prefer not to talk about Rugby because the cricket season will soon be upon us. :number1:
  14. Yes indeed, if you got in a taxi and asked for Royal Naval House, I don't think that the driver would have known where to take you, for it was always known as Johnnies.

    I remember the great breakfasts and you could get a bunk bed in the dorm for 7/6, a cubicle for 10/- and a cabin for 12/6.

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