Hello from an ex Crab

Hi peeps, Im Parky and Im a Pisces and all that introductory stuff.
as the title says am an ex Crab looking to get back into the Forces, the RAF have said that 34 is too old regardless of 12 years served so am contemplating the Senior service.

Was a Comms operator and have done some time tri service including a stint in the Commcen at Northwood.

Anyways introduction is done.
Bar is open.
Cheers Parky, mines a Guinness with a vimto top, welcome aboard. You may find some useful/interesting info on the RNR forum, anyhoo good effort on finally seeing sense and hope the Andrew will be more receptive of your experience and skills.
Welcome Parky, admitting to being an ex crustacean will as I do not doubt you realise may just generate a little unrine taking, but thats life. Glad to hear you are considering the Andrew for a second career. I am sure you wil enjoy it even though you may find yourself working some weekends.

Enjoy the fun


War Hero
Welcome !

Here ya go mate, a generic guide(Tri-Service), in my own fair hand: :thumright:

As a rough guide on timescales, read the following text carefully. If you have not provided all of the listed documentation (1-7 below) we will wait until you provide any missing items- the onus is on you and we can not progress any further.

To apply to re-enter the Service, the following documents are required before we can further process an application off you:

1) Discharge Certificate

2) Last RORRS Report (RN/RM only). This must indicate whether you are recommended further service & after what period.(If the report says you are not recommended for further service then we can not process your application, if it says after "x" months, we must wait that time before you may re-apply)

3) Your last pay statement (If you have it- this ensures you get paid for your service seniority when applicable).

4) Passport (You must have a valid one as a condition of entry into the service)

5) NHS Number

6) NI Number

7) Birth Certificate

8) Red Book- ARMY ONLY

9) Testimonial- Royal Marines

When attending the AFCO with the above listed documentation, you should complete a new application form, a supplementary information form, the rehabilitation of offenders form & you MUST sign your consent for the release of
a) Your former service records.

b) Your former medical records.

We can not accept application forms without first taking copies of the above documentation.

We will then apply for your former records. (Typically this takes about 3-4 weeks for former RN/RM & RAF applicants, former ARMY applicants currently about 6-8 weeks). Upon receipt of this documentation we then apply for permission to process your application- this takes a further 3-4 weeks & is granted by the Branch Manager of the branch you wish to join. Providing you are considered a viable candidate for re-entry and there are vacancies in the branch of preference, we can then proceed with your application. As you were medically discharged you would be best advised to undergo medical examination before your selection interview to ensure you are eligible to re-apply.

Assuming you have taken the Royal Navy Recruiting Test (RT) within the last three years and have scored high enough for the branch you wish to enter, you will not need to re-sit the test. ALL former RAF & ARMY candidates, together with RN applicants who have underscored or are out of date will be required to sit the RT. If you score high enough, you will be interviewed & if found suitable to be considered for re-entry we will have you medically examined & if you are passed fit for service you will undergo the pre-joining fitness test.

If you pass all of that we will then re-apply for security clearance, which takes about 6-8 weeks. After being granted security clearance we then apply for permission for you to re-enter the service.

You should be aware that the waiting time to enter the service can vary from month to month and is subject to variance because of the limited amount of training places available and the number of applicants at any given time. Some branches can take up to two years to re-enter.

There are several things you should also take in to consideration when re-joining the Service, but two major considerations are as follows:

You may be required to undergo phase one training in HMS Raleigh if you left the service over 18 months ago, are a former RAF/ARMY applicant or did not complete phase one training to an adequate standard previously.

You will re-join the service on the AFPS 05 pension scheme regardless of which scheme you left on - this is significantly different to the earlier AFPS 75 scheme and you would be strongly advised to investigate further how this will affect you.

Good luck mate, feel free to PM any Q's.
OK after much deliberation (yes i know it has been a year and a half) I have a phone call to make tomorrow for some advice on the RFA and then on Wed's i will be taking a trip to the Careers office in London for a chat with the RN advisers.

Long and the short I have looked at all the options and decided i want a career at sea.
Parky said:
OK after much deliberation (yes i know it has been a year and a half) I have a phone call to make tomorrow for some advice on the RFA and then on Wed's i will be taking a trip to the Careers office in London for a chat with the RN advisers.

Long and the short I have looked at all the options and decided i want a career at sea.
A mate of mine ex comms in the RN for 12 years in the 70s joined the RFAs. Has served on them for over 20 yrs. So it cant be bad. PS No aircraft landing on your roof!!!!!! as in flat tops :thumright:
Welcome back to RR soon-to- be-shippers!

A mate of my was an OM(C), she did 7 years and then left this year, for a selection ierview in pompie a few weeks back is is hopefully going into the RFA.................a mutual friend did this lat year and is havng a fab time, seems the way to go :thumright:
Hey peeps, thanks for the encouragement,

Went to the Careers office today.
Turns out i should have tried for the Navy when i first started this thread as i am now going to be too old by the time i could be processed.

Am 36 in March and it is 9 months before the next intake for the trade i want so next stop RFA. I have not given up on a life at sea yet and will be checking in here on a semi regular basis if only to see if some old collegues from Ireland want to get in touch with Eugene again

Thanks again for your advice.
Regards Parky
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