hello fello matlow's

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by duggers20, Apr 7, 2008.

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  1. Hey all, was wondering if anyone id going raleigh on 31st august 2008. If so and need advice, email me, i've done raleigh before. Also does anybody know what the pass rate is for marine engineers?
  2. I hope by August you've learned to spell matelot correctly otherwise you'll be in a world of hurt.

    Congrats btw.
  3. [​IMG]
  4. Having done Raleigh once before,why dont you know what the pass rate is????????
  5. Em your not a matelot yet. You have 9 weeks intensive millitary taining yet :p
  7. Please do not try an join as an engineer, you will find it too difficult
  8. So has about 80% of this site..............however, wondering why you've mentioned a date?

    Or has my 'late night' mind gone into 'mojo' mode again :afro:
  9. Sorry duggers, but in other threads on the subject of females on board/Royal Marines, I commented that one shouldn't be concerned over the females applying to the combat arms but rather to be concerned about the recruits that can't spell. In one thread you managed to give me some solid evidence that we're lowering the criteria a tad too much.

    You managed to spell two out of three words in your title incorrectly. This does not bode well for future memos and written communication from you. I'd hate to be your Div O in attempting to translate what you are trying to say.

    I suggest you try and buck up on your spelling of vocabulary you are going to be using on a daily basis before August. I'm not going to try and suggest that you might also try some general punctuation as well.

    I'm not trying to beast you, but you really must try harder if you ever hope to be a leader of men.
  10. I'd be more interested in the pass rate for literacy :thumright:
  11. Leader of Men! He's going to be a Stoker for Gawd's sake!
  12. And with that spelling acumen do you think that will ever happen? ...err no.
  13. I'm not being funny but there were plenty of Booties that i knew (including myself) whose Spelling and grammer was appauling. This was mainly due to leaving school without any qualifications and just getting on with it. However these persons mentioned including myself have gone on to have good careers including their own businesses etc. My point is that yes this lad does need to get a grip of his basic education but maybe digging him out about it isn't the way forwards.
  14. So ex dags, would you say it's fair to be aware of not passing on a fault?

    Good on duggers for his career choice, however, when one volunteers oneself to tutor on the finer points of a naval career (via a written medium), one would or should expect the tutor to at least be able to communicate that knowledge in a format that is comprehensible.

    Our soldiers, sailors and airmen have to be smarter these days. Gone are the days of simple widget turning for a career with little or no need for a PhD to do so. Our navies are technologically advanced (ok maybe in some areas) and our communication culture has always been the written format - we just do it electronically now.

    Couple that with the present generation of "gimme it now" who simply won't take the time to look up a source or do a simple spell check and it leaves one concerned at what may appear in the logs of a ship.

    I hope that our young duggers, will at least do a spell check on any communications that are forthcoming from his offer so that he reinforces that he's not guilty of passing on a fault.
  16. I think Steward might be a better choice......if you get one nowadays?
  17. *cough*

    M - uscles
    A - re
    R - equired
    I - ntelligence
    N - ot
    E - ssential

  18. Ex_Rubberdagger BS.c (Hon) HND. Para (SR) amoungst other things
    Harrybosch B.A (I think) PH.d
    Bergen. Some degree in geology.

    Getting the picture!!

    And erm dabbers have to use their swedes how often??

    :thumright: :thumright:
  19. Wow thankyou very much for all the wonderful comments, least you all care haha. I even took the time out today to read the dictionary aswell as learning to spell.
  20. I will forgive you then Royal. For your spelling mistakes /round the world go! what took you so long? i thought you said twice sarge! :thumright: :angel12:

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