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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by themightyg, Dec 2, 2009.

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  1. hiya,
    just thought i would introduce myself.

    im 'g' and currently training for my RMR course next year. 3 months of training of a 15 month timescale and had lots of ups and downs.

    the ups being watching the run times come down and the push ups go up (and the weight shedding off!), and the missus has now completely squared away with me transferring to a full time application when im fit again (leading to) the downs, on a real downer just now as my physio reckons i have tore my meniscus meaning a downtime of 2 years once the wait for the operation is done and the reapplication process is completed and as im 30 thats pretty much going to be me done and dusted before i even got going.

    ive 4 weeks to try and build up the muscles and get rid of these symptoms with stretching the strain away to show it is just muscle strains before the phys pumping me off to the GP again for keyhole, he is "30 to 65%"!?!? certain i will be ok with a strain of muscles though, weird figures eh!?!?!. but i seen his eyes when telling me as he knows how much I want this and he kept looking away when he was speaking about it just being strains so
    Fingers crossed etc, .

    But ive been reading this forum for a while now and thought i would join in with the banter and hopefully i can pull through it and get mucked in like the rest of you.

    Cheers guys and gals.
  2. Get a referral to orthopaedic surgery pronto. The way of confirming a torn meniscus is either an arthroscopy or MRI. You have pressing need so should be seen and sorted pretty quickly. The sooner you get your appointment, the sooner the scan/scope, the sooner the op, the sooner the rehab.
  3. Good luck and welcome. I have a mate who recently got his lid at the age of 33 through RMR so don't give up because of the time it may take to get fit enough. It can be done. In the meantime practice getting naked at peculiar times of the day and at social functions (the more conservative the event the better)
  4. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    I tore my meniscus a few years ago and had to have it trimmed or something. I still have trouble with my knee, but that's not solely down to that. Good luck fella.

    PS. Welcome aboard. Jonno is quite right in relation to practicing getting naked. Also ensure you can dress up in stockings and can place your arm in a roll mat. :D
  5. gents, thanks for the replys!

    I hope these exes work out cool and all is well!

    thanks agan,
  6. Can anyone tell me are the waiting times from the date of last stage (interview)

  7. I think it depends on what your applying for, Navy or Marines etc?

    A lot of the guys who pass the interview wait for around 2/3 months for a PRMC (potential marines test) and if they pass that about the same again for recruit training to begin.

    I would reckon the whole process can take around 9 months in total but may be quicker depending on your AFCO.
  8. Im hoping to join the RN (CS Logs)....whatever the wait it will be worth it I will just have to be patient!

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