Hello everyone, my son is starting basic training.

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by proudmum40, Dec 18, 2010.

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  1. Hello everyone, i hope you dont mind me joining your site!
    well my son is going to be starting basic training next year ( around may i believe). The reason im on here is that i went too plymouth a couple months ago, and seen new recruits walking around in there uniform :) , do they get told when they can go out? is it routine? or was that a special privilege?
    And also are parents allowed to come see them?
    I Seen the multiple requests for people using the search function, i did, but couldnt seem to find anything! Proberly my old age! :)

    Also ( sorry about my questioning! ) , His sister is getting married this time next year, if he passes out sucessfully, will he be able to wear his uniform to this occasion?

    Thank you very much indeed.

    Also , sorry if this is in the wrong section!
  2. Firstly, you are most welcome to our site.

    They (new entries) do get told when they can go out and to be honest, its not very often in basic training as they will be very busy and also walking about in Guz (Plymouth) is not normally the greatest of ideas to be honest.

    Parents are not allowed to visit during basic training except for when the trainnes pass in (out) at the end of their course. (Don't mother him, its not a good idea!)

    He will be allowed to wear his rig (uniform) at the wedding, but be warned, he may not be around to attend dependent on when the wedding is.

    Good luck to your son by the way and he has joined the best service
  3. Not at all. Welcome.
    Recruits get Shore Leave after a certain period of Training, depending on whether they and their Class are performing to the required standard. Leave is a privilage not a right.
    Yes, through the barbed wire fence anytime they like. :D
    While ashore young thrusters can meet who they like. I believe there's a Family visit where nearest and dearest get a look round, talk to Instructors etc. (Ready to be corrected on that.)
    No worries, it's just lazy Young thrusters who get a tune up.

    Yes, but he'll be expected to wear it properly and it wouldn't go amiss to inform his Divisional Officer of his intentions.

    No worries, good luck to him and you as well.

    Right place.
  4. NZ you forgot to add "Are you worth a squirt? As that will also help the instructors to know and will depend if your boy will get let out."
  5. I was saving that for PM as with request for phots. :wink:
  6. Fair play! Up there for thinking ^^^^^^^ Down there for dancing VVVVVVVVV and in the middle for romancing NZ.

    As for the in Guzz in Uniform. I asked about this a while ago. From what was said it's Week 8 and they get a morning or afternoon in Guzz but must wear No 1's.

    Something that has been brought in that never use to happen when most here joined .
  7. We were allowed out in nos 1s back in 83 for a day during training.
    We were in Woolworths buying "best" books for note taking whilst on course. As I crouched down to pick a book a young Guzzette trollop creeped up and pushed me over onto the floor with mucho giggles from her girl friends and also the other matelots I was with too.
    First and last time I was touched by a Guzz Girl.
  8. My son passed out several weeks ago. I believe recruits who are on track with their training requirements are allowed several hours 'shore leave' towards the end of training. I think it was Sat of week 8. As already stated by other posters, the recruits wear their No 1 uniforms.
  9. Welcome to you, congratulations to you both and best of luck to him :)

    Seriously, welcome to RR and I hope your son does brilliantly in his future career
  10. At his sisters Wedding :wink: WEDDING NAVAL WEDDING CUSTOMS
    bluejacket rig wears white silks tapes to his jumper; best man
    and other officials may do the same.
  11. You get to go out for a day at the end of week 8 as well. 1s if it's decent weather, 3s if not.

    You're also allowed out for a couple of hours on the Thursday night before the pass out parade.

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