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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by left_handed_sailor, Mar 16, 2007.

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  1. Wotcha chaps and chapesses, I'm obviously new to this forum, however I've been an avid reader for some months.

    URNU with RNR aspirations - however I remember HMS Jupiter and all her lovable quirks - tell me it's not true - channel night no longer exists!!!!
  2. Yep. It's official. We're not officially allowed to get shiters last night at sea. No surprise there really.
  3. Then again, we've never officially been allowed to get shit faced any night, at sea or along side.
  4. left_handed_sailor wrote:
    Quote:however I remember HMS Jupiter and all her lovable quirks..Unquote

    Ahhh....the Raving "J"....what a ship!! :wink: :wink:
  5. Even in the 60/70s Channel Night was never officially sanctioned - but I believe the jossman suffered from Nelson's (blind eye) syndrome on that night.
    But on 3 cans of beer what can go wrong - ahem !!

  6. That was my first intro to the RN - Gib to Pompey on Jupiter - a baptism of fire sending a public school cadet to spend the week in stokers mess.

    I'm finishing my councilling in 3 weeks time.
  7. In boats it was termed channel fever and it is amazing the combined impact of 3 beers and last night before going ashore for the first time in 2 months on a chap. Of course we in the wardroon were far more responsible, some one had to look after the boat. We just got pissed when we got the boat parked in Faslane, often 6am.
  8. Poor Stokers... Did they ever recover... did they understand you when you opened your mouth? :wink:

    Welcome on board shipmate. Hope you've remembered to bring your oilskins with you to protect you from the cyberstorms and hyper-roughers you'll experience as you're tossed from side-to-side in this 'ere boat of ours. Otherwise life is calm and (relatively) sane... so I'm told by Higgy.
  9. Hope your bottom got better.

  10. WM wasn’t the rule `three cans per day perhaps`?
    Anyway you could not beat having a hangover when getting back to Guzz after a deployment, just to watch the custom and excise officers cringing from the beer fumes was priceless (not so much when they stung you for being a smart aleck) happy days.
  11. As with all traditions in the Andrew, there are always people trying to [email protected]@s on the bonfire. We will always find away around it and have enough beer to enjoy ourselves and be able to do our jobs.

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