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Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by Lynx101, Apr 16, 2008.

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  1. Good Evening all,
    I am 16, and I want to join the navy. My first choice is as a pilot (I bet everyone says that) but if I didn't get in as that I would be more then happy as a Warfare Officer. I have done my RT test at my local RN careers office (Guildford) and am now waiting for them to get back to me for an interview. I am aware that everyone wants to be a pilot as a little boy, but its more then that for me. I have always wanted to fly, and the RN combines flying with so many other opportunities. Just thought i would introduce myself, and ask a question-----> my maths isn't amazing. I got a D in GCSE maths but I retook it and got a C. i am currently doing AS levels and then A2 levels next year. I am taking: Geography, German, History and Film Studies, of which I will drop film studies next year. Will me not being fantastic at maths mean bad things will happen regarding tests etc? I really really want to be in the navy, its all I want to do, and I hope my weakness at maths wont hold me back.
  2. I'n no expert mate. (I'm not an officer/pilot or even RN) but i would suggest that maths is very important - especially to pilots.

    You've come to the right place though. The guys on here should be able to sort you out.

    Good luck :thumright:
  3. Hi,
    Welcome to RR.
    To be either a pilot or warfare officer, you will have to do your Admiralty Interview Board. Part of the board is psychometric tests but these are more problem solving and common sense than particularly hard on your maths skills. Theres also a scenario which you will get asked quick fire questions about your plan and will have to do some basic maths (speed, time, distance traingle problems) but i dont think i got a single one of these right and still passed my board.
    Im not totally sure on being a pilot (im at uni and am joining as a air enginner :)) but i think that you have to be pretty good at maths as its required upon them to do quick calculations in their head etc.
    I dont know about being a Warfare Officer though, but i would've thought it would be less demanding on maths than being a pilot.
    Hope this helps
  4. Thanks guys, i mean i know the speed=distance/time stuff and i remember the triangle from GCSE maths. I have a mate who has PPL and he has offered to teach me some of the quick maths required. I mean, I would really really love to be a pilot, but if the worst did come down to the worst I would also love to be a warfare officer, mainly because you can climb up the ladder and eventually become an oc of a ship.
  5. I'm sure the fisheads on here are just loving you right now. If the worst did come down??
  6. I think he's trying to say that you sound to be belittling the role of a Warfare officer with your comment "if the worse comes to the worse".

    Needless to say the WO is an extrmely difficult and demanding job and you seem to be implying that it would be a peice of p*ss for you to become one.

    I don't think that you meant that at all but i would try to choose your words carefully if i were you. You have a hell of a long way to go to becoming one.
  7. What I meant was that if the worst cam e to the worst and I couldn't do ANY aircrew jobs then I wouldn't mind doing a WO job instead. I really want to be aircrew you see, got nothing against "fish heads"
  8. If you buckle down and achieve a better maths result I see no reason why you should not become a hanger broom pilot.
  9. you can have my wings if you like / but dont be alarmed when your ditching/ if all you can here over the intercom is "help help help" from the pilot/ everything is under control !/? :angel4: :thumright:
  10. shippers i like your attitude already

    if i couldnt be a pilot i could if really pushed into it be a WO. if you require a CPO to help you into wardroom battle, sir, then giver me a call and I'll hold your cummerbund in the wardroom flat
  11. And I never had anything against WAFUs, I treated them exactly like any other weapon system at my disposal, bloody expensive - but ultimately disposable! Just in case you are forced to follow your alternative career path you might like to continue with your speed, time, distance mental agility - doing wheel overs at night based on your stop watch in busy shipping lanes with the staff breathing down your neck a little spare capacity always comes in handy.
  12. I bet you loved the C.O.D. Gannet/ and s.a.r. helicopters when they delivered your mail in all weather ? :angel13: :thumright:
  13. Sorry - never a Carrier man, didn't say they weren't a flexible weapon system - for example always guaranteed at a Cocktail party to demonstrate their versatility in exercising Defence Diplomacy - Hi I'm a Pilot!
  14. I was just a rating aircrewman/ but i will pluck you out of the oggin when you splashdown and need assistance SIR/ :angel4: :angel13: :thumright:
  15. Hey Scouse - not denying you guys did a great job - just indulging in a little banter now I'm a civvy have to be a little more careful at work!
  16. we did rescue civvy pilots as well :thumright: / so you can sleep easy
  17. JUST AN AIRCREWMAN???- shame on you scouse! :thumright:
  18. really a Buccaneer maintainer :thumright: at heart!
  19. Dont worry about the Maths, I am appalling at maths and it has never affected my flying. The aptitudes are interested in other things. And don't be afraid to have something against fishheads, they deserve it!

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