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hello all

I'm wompingwillow, a sad and geeky name I know, I grew up in a succession of places thanks to having a RM dad, I then joined up for a short time myself. I went to uni and like all good people with a degree joined naafi! Next on the list of achievements was having my child, and then the breakdown of a 5 year relationship with her dad a submariner.

During this time I started volunteering at the sea cadets and I'm currently awaiting my SCQC so hold the rank of PPO.

That's it for now

hello back and welcome aboard, I'm fairly new here, but don't be afraid of all these auld salty types!( and there are some real ancient mariners around)
jesse :wink:
Hi Wompingwillow,

Welcome aboard Rum Ration. Don't be scared of us ancient mariners, as Junior Jenny calls us, we're quite harmless! We just cannot cope with so many people who weren't born when we left the service after 22 years, and with Junior Jenny in particular who wasn't even born when our favourite ship was decommisioned! :lol: :roll:

Look forward to your contributions mate!

Welcome, WW!

Post often, (he says) and help the site grow!

Any old crap usually does, as the boards hold testament to.
Welcome to the site Willow, Jenny will be pleased to have you join, you'll be about the only one with less sea time than her. Stand fast Andym 8O
WW, ignore Janner, for some strange reason he has a fixation that all females are or were once Japanese boys, wonder what that says about him :wink:
A very big wecome Willow , like they have all said , get some posts up there and help the site grow , go to "where is everyone" , just above where you log in, ZOOM in then place your ballon on the map :roll: :twisted:

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