Hello all you submariners :)

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by adrian9901, Aug 6, 2011.

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  1. Hello all just thought I would say Hello I am currently in the application for Warfare spec submariner . Can't wait to get on a sub if I get through all the hurdles in the way .

  2. Welcome, one of the hurdles is to remember they are Submarines or Boats, A sub is a roll with filling or a loan
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  3. I call them 'subs'.
  4. I`ll gladly repay you next pay day.
  5. Welcome to RR. Are you going for SSM (need to be deaf and classify everything as bio) or TSM (collect coloured pens and pencils)
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  6. Going in as TSM :)
  7. Get your crayons ready then!
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  8. If TSM, you'll need to remember, every stopwatch and binoculars are your personal property, not to be signed out - ever!
  9. I've always found it's better to get over hurdles than through them.

    Call them submarines or boats...don't sell your soul to any black enamelled avian scavenger.:laughing2:
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