Hello all, ex-pongo joining your ranks.

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by pthfcning, Jan 29, 2009.

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  1. Ladies, Gentlefolk,

    I am (hopefully) joining the Navy very soon as a ET (WES). I have passed the psychometric tests and the formal interview, just waiting on the people in Glasgow to send my Army medical docs to the AFCO, which apparently will arrive sometime between March and June :cussing: When these arrive I can then have my medical, do the 1.5m run, and off I go.

    But as most of you are probably aware, the Army's admin is up it's arrse. I hope the Navy's isn't as bad.

    See you around the forums.
  2. Im in the same boat as you mate, my docs just got sent through to AFCO by Kentigern House in Glasgow, after 6 and a half weeks!!!!

    Im also hoping the admin for the Navy isnt as much as a circus as the Army..
  3. Welcome aboard
  4. Thank you exrubberdagger.

    Quate, it's nightmare. My AFCO sent off for them in October! They gave me the phone number for Kentigern House, and when I phoned them last week they said "2-3 months".

    They are useless.

    Good luck and all that too.
  5. Oh it is, it is.....
  6. We were all thinking it!!!
  7. Shite! Oh well, never mind!
  8. I'm another! I went into the afco about a month ago and rang Kentigern House and got told the same 2-3 months!

    Alot of us seem to be in the same boat. Oh well more time for the phys!
  9. Another ex-pongo here!

    Has taken me almost ten months to get to a joining date. Just stick with it guys.
  10. Mwahahaha, fools!! You'll soon be Holystoning the decks and receiving your first taste of the Cat.
  11. Not had much interaction with soft and brittle sandstone before, however its good to know I can still get a good whipping! (used to pay for it in Hamburg).

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