hello all Booties!!

Discussion in 'RMR' started by nutty_bag, Oct 19, 2006.

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  1. bubblehead or satudays and sundays?
  2. the latter mate!! Been a bit out of the loop for quite a few years now, just interested to hear whats occuring on the grapevine. it's all seemed to have changed now although i'm sure theres the usual kit shortages etc (pull up a sandbag men)
  3. Welcome to RR mate - Always good to have more Bootnecks that potential Recruits/Recruits (myself included) can fire questions at.

  4. No problem spenny.
    You shouldn't be sitting in front of your P.C though mate, should be out doing the phys to earn that lid. What stage in the game are you at the moment??
  5. Hello matey, met up with some potential recruits from RMR London on Wednesday night for a beer. Lucky buggers are undertaking selection on the 27th some pre selection nerves as RMFA scores weren't all that on last phys sesh before the weekend, they'll be alright though.

    Apparently there were a lot of new cap comforters around so looks like a good pass rate from Phase 1.

    All the best and appreciate offer of help
  6. take it that was for me beowulf??
    Dont know where you are in the game but as i'm sure your aware the potential phase is quite easy comparetively. It used to be worked around the USMC fitness test with the usual bog standard BFT etc. As i said, it might have changed, but one thing is for sure the beastings will be as vigorous as ever.
    Yeah there probably will be alot of new cap comforters about but you just watch the numbers steadily decline from now on in phase 2. Injuries, whining girlfriends, S.T.I's etc.
  7. Hi Nutty Bag, too true there was only three guys in Phase 2 training, not sure how they got on though.

    Although I did hear that 13 recruits from RMR Mersey passed the commando course and got their lids. One of the most sucessful passes ever apparently.
  8. Yeah that is alot.
    Remember RMR Mersey being quite a large unit with all it's Dets, did an exercise with them donkies ago and had a couple of oppos from my CDO course from there. Good lads, just bolt everything down thats worth anything. It shows the green lid is attainable. I have an oppo who was 33 when he did his CDO course, having done P Coy years before that. A legend in his own lunch hour.

  9. Wish I was at home mate - unfortunately Im at work, although I did cycle in and have a workout in the gym beforehand. Ive still to cycle home too.

    Im currently about to join holding troop, so just in the very early stages mate - im 30 years old in a few weeks too, so obviously like a challenge :D

    Its good to know there are guys like yourself out there, willing to encourage and offer advice/guidance to new Recruits. Its a powerful recruiting tool, as its obviously very easy to become disheartened when you pushing your body to its physical limits and jack.

    Good skills mate.
  10. hello mate
    I'm 33 and still do the phys although my interests lie elsewhere now. I was 19 when i did my course but as i said an oppo was older than you and did it. With age comes maturity! Sounds like your on the right track as far a phys is concerned. Lots of variation (swimming, cycling, circuits and LOTS of running) is the key to success so that you dont get bored with the regime. The more phys that you do, the easier the beasting sessions will become. Try not to worry about running with any weight at the moment because of injuries. I cant comment on training weekends experiences and SF stuff because of OPSEC but i would gladly give advice.
  11. Roger that mate. All fitness tips very much appreciated though!!

    My current schedule is as follows.

    Mon/Wed/Fri - 2 x 5 mile cycles (to work and home) and 1hr circuit training

    Tue - 5 Mile run (hilly route) with aprox 10lb daysack (paperwork and clothes from work so not carrying weight for the sake of it.)

    Thurs - Rest

    Saturday - Hillwalking or cross county running with hillsprints

    Sunday - Rest

    I am not running much as I injured my leg after crashing my motorbike. I will begin to increase this gradually though and also add swimming into my schedule.

    Yeah I hope that at 30 I will be more mentally prepared for the course. I understand that the staff will most likely leadership qualities from me (that is not meant as a big headed comment, just common sense when the majortiy of the lads are a lot younger than you) but I have no problem that. I suppose its just a case of head down, get stuck in and stick together to get through it all..................Oh and smile no matter what :D
  12. Your probably older than most of the training team!!!
    It's probably best that you leave off the running for a while until the legs are better. Beware of shin splints also, will absolutely knacker your chances so wear long pussers socks when your training to keep them warm. The distance your running is okay for this stage in the game but you should time the route and aim to beat that time everytime you run it. That way you will always be digging out blind and not coasting. Hill work is essential in the latter stages, with a bergen and <25lbs (no boots) and finally......dont get injured.

    Off for run myself now
  13. Christ ! You're all making me feel like an old man, 55 and still going strong! Yes, I'll agree that your regime is about adequate - for now. However, all the exercise and training in the world is a complete waste of time if you don't have the diet to build up your reserves. Protein and carbs for energy and endurance, and a good pissup once in a while.

    If you are running, always make sure that your pack, be it a daybag or a bergen, is comfortable and secure. Don't let it bounce around like Jenny's tits on a Saturday night. If you do, you can guarantee back or shoulder injuries, or both!

    Make sure that your boots are soft and well fitting - Oh, and most importantly, look after your feet! You only get one pair issued, and they have to last you a lifetime!

    As for going for a run, Nah! Been there and done it for too many years! I'll just have a stroll through town and maybe have a wet, and see what develops! I don't seem to have any bother with the local yobs. For some reason, if they are making pillocks of themselves, all it takes is a glance towards them and they go all quiet. Saves me a fortune over the bar!

    If you make it, welcome to the family. If you don't - at least you tried, for which you will have my respect.

    Good Luck.


  14. OSD

    Cheers for the support mate. Making it through training and becoming part of the family is going to be my complete and utter focus.

    My diet at the moment is generally carbs throughout the day to provide energy and protien post workout and at night to repair muscles. My water intake is good too but where I suffer is sleep. Two kids and a restless wife doest make for a good nights kip!! Something I have to work on........

    Cheers for the tips re packing my bergan and sorting my feet. I will take them on board and benefit from your experience.

    Re the yobs not giving you bother, Its something Ive noticed at the RN/RM club near my work. The ex-Bootys that go there (regardless of there age) still look switched on and able to handle themselves. You can see it in their eyes.

  15. Spenny,
    Just think of your current situation as an opportunity! A couple of snappers and a restless wife! You don't know how lucky you are! As any of those who use this board will confirm, one of the hardest things to deal with is sleep depravation! And you have the temerity to winge about this extra-curricular training that you are geting for free!
    You don't say how old your kids are, but take advantage of every moment you have with them - they are only young once, never to be repeated - and I missed mine growing up! As for your wife, hugs and snugs in the bedroom, so that she falls asleep in your arms. One of the most secure positions for her to be in. (OK, I know that one of the others is right leg over left shoulder, but that's for another time! Kerist, don't you lot ever think of anything else??)


  16. Just as an aside, when I mentioned to an old oppo that I had found this board, he said, "I suppose your 'handle' will be somthing like 9mil with Attitude!". I settled for oldseadog or OSD to give the impression of a rather genteel, semi-retired seafarer.

    Allegedly, appearances can be deceptive!

  17. Cheers 9Mil with attitude!! :wink:

    One thing Ive definitely got plenty of experience of is sleep deprevation!! Another "skill" ticked of the booty checklist then!!

    My girls are 8 and 2 - magic they are too. Its one of the "conditions" of me joining the RMR - every moment spent with them is quality time every moment not is a chance to train harder!!!

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