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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Kevo, Apr 17, 2008.

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  1. First off all, sorry if any of these questions have been answered before, but they're generally more oppinion based as im in two minds - which i'm sure isn't a good thing entering the Royal Navy.

    At the moment i'm currently studying for my A-Levels (2nd year). For my AS (First Year) I got a C (English), D (Geography) and 2 E's (Economics and General Studies). If i'm tottally honest I don't see those grades improving for my A-Level. So first thing first, do you think this is officer standard? I do have 10 GCSE's all A-C standard, majority being C's but with 1 A and 3 B's. Just 6 form wasn't my thing.

    I intend to be an officer but im passionate about the Navy so might give a Rating a shot if i fail for officer. Now this is where im not sure. I dont want 2 years of A-levels to goto waste, so not sure to resit the officer interview process again in another 12 months or try a rating out. No offence to Ratings out there, that is.

    I am confident, i just like to plan for anything that can go wrong and have a plan b, thats all.

    As for my other questions. Warfare officer, is the role i was looking at. Submarine too - Not too sure why but fascinated by submarines more than Ships, this a good choice - regarding the role too? Is the position competitive? I hear submarines don't port as much so i wont get to see much as the world compared to ships; but i hear this is down to the ratio of ships compared to submarines. In other words, means ships seem to port more as there are more of them compared to submarines.

    Sorry for the lenghtly post and i've probably forgot something too so may post up again if I do.

    Hopefully will be visiting my AFCO this weekend to see where I stand still being a Student finishing this summer and also any remaining, spontanious questions I have :D

    Thanks in advance guys, Kevo
  2. Re: Helllo

    dont get romantic about submariners /its a hard life/ some guys are made for it /some are not /they are a very special breed/ i love them to bits /but it was not for me/ keep your mind open to other branches/ and all the best for your chosen career in the Andrew
  3. wave_dodger

    wave_dodger War Hero Book Reviewer

    Nothing wrong in choosing either - but I'd strongly suggest you aim for one or the other, don't have Rating as a fallback. The jobs are very different, the salaries and the experiences. Whilst you can get commissioned from the ranks it takes a long time and is hard work plus very competitive.

    Boats tend not to go into Port often for a variety of reasons - their patrol profile/operational posture - they go to sea to perform a very different task to ships. They do perform the diplomacy task and go alongside but nowhere nearly as fequently as ships. There is also the issue o fthe nuclear reactor - you need special berths to handle nuclear vessels, local authorities have plans for accidents, some countries are nuclear free - all manner of good reasons why if you want to be a cocktail party king and see the world submarines may not be your best choice.

    However, as I am sure the submariners on the forums will agree, boats go out and do the job for real all the time.

    You need to read more and have a long think
  4. Well to start, your going to need at least 180 UCAS points in order to qualify to be an officer. However, that is just the entry requirement, you need to ask yourself the question if you want (and have the ability) to be a leader or you want to be led.

    You will hear so many arguments for and against the life below the water, there are less people applying for XSM than surface and so your chances are up in that respect.

    I would suggest having words with your ACLO, get him to arrange an acquaint on a sub and see for yourself whether you like it or not.

    I personally would recommend getting your head down and studying for the remainder of your course and getting the grades you need and keep your options open, the Navy may not be the life you think and at least then you have something to fall back on.

    Hope that sort of helps.
  5. I left the Mob last year having joined as a JRO and left as a 2 1/2, during one interview I was asked if I had any experience of leadership - my answer was every working day of my life - I can assure you natg that Ratings are expected to exercise leadership skills just as much as Commissioned Officers, which is probably why the RN spends so much time training them in leadership skills
  6. 140 UCAS points are required for applciations for officer.
  7. It's recently increased to 180. I'm applying for X(SM) Kevo. Maybe i'll meet you at BRNC in the future.
  8. Maybe matey :)

    As to the UCAS points, the majority of you are right, it is 180 since Feb 08 apparently - not 140. The guidelines say this takes into account first and second year grades of an A-level. So taking my first year grades alone i have 110 points, I don't see 180 being an overly impossible amount to get.

    Thanks to all your replies so far though, it has been a massive help. I'll carry on reading up on the Navy however and i'm looking forward to my AFCO visit.

    Be great to hear any other peoples oppinions though, especially any from submariners/warfare.

  9. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Not quite right. It is 180 UCAS points but....

    You can only count UCAS points from non-overlapping subjects, with each qualification contributing no less than 45 UCAS points to the all-up total.

    What does that mean in English?

    It means that if you have taken A2 level in any subject you cannot count the points from the AS level in the same subject - only the A2 points apply in that subject. If you stop the subject after taking only the AS you can only add those UCAS points to the all-up total if they amount to more than 45 points. (This means only A & B grades are accepted at AS Level, if you have not taken it as far as A2)

    Quite often people undergoing Uniformed Service or Public Service BTEC or HND/C college courses are told they're worth 4 A levels or 300 UCAS points and other nonsense. For Officer they are not necessarily counted as non-overlapping subjects & often only count at Merit/Distinction - even then the certificates have to be faxed to AIB to verify the academic content of the qualification and to verify it's validity.
  10. So in other words, i need to get my head down at school - haha. I know AS doesn't overlap with A2 though, it's like that in most cases. A2 overall though is worth alot more than an AS is what i was getting at. AFCO this Monday for sure anyhow so i'll see what they say.

    I'm alot more open to the rating now though than i was initially - see how it goes :)
  11. I know lets have an argument about who shows more leadership a Rating or an Officer rather than answering the guys question! How productive!
  12. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Calm down dear, it's only a forum. [​IMG]

    I'll ask one of my troops to answer the question for you, assuming one of the people you are in charge of doesn't beat him/her to it. :thumright:
  13. My threads getting free bumps? haha - AFCO tommorow can't wait (Well actually today i guess). Will post back up here when i get back for anyone who is remotely interested.

  14. I get that a lot from my cousin, who's regiment in the army. I mention something inoffensive and he totally goes off on one - "Ahhh the Army are so much harder than the Navy", "Well OUR swimming test is a killer 'cause we have to wear all our kit", "Officers are just *******, why the hell are you gonna be one??"

    Why NOT be one? If you've got the grades and a knack for leadership it seems pretty stupid not to take the oppurtunity...

    Man I hope he reads this.
  15. join as a rating, more fun, more life experience - and if you f**k up - you end up with far less shit than the Ruperts get.

    Dont regret your choices - dont regret your motives.

    Its your choice.....
  16. You see, straight to the point with advice - Me likes ;) I just hold certain prejudices towards both ratings and officers but the more I read into the navy most of it just makes me look silly.

    Anyhow, UPDATE!!! lol - Just got back from my Afco, the dude at the navy desk was a marine commando :rambo: and wasn't a dude of many words haha. After a 5min gab about what i was interested in he gave me 3 brochures (Warfare, General Careers and Submarine) aswell as 3 dvds to match. Said i could watch them their but was in a rush so thankfully gave me copies. Suggested i should read and watch the material before making any more assumptions or ideas and then I should pop back for a more detailed chat. :rendeer: Got night time reading now haha, shame they didn't throw popcorn in for the dvd's though.

    Thanks for the help though peeps, will continue to keep the thread updated for other people in the same situation as me.

  17. As an SUY who has a lengthy proven track record in leadership, i can hosestly say BRNC taught me zip about leadership i learnt it all as a rating. All BRNC taught me was how to piss people off and call it leadership. If you went through BRNC and they told you 'you are a good leader' you are probably an unpopular tosser, who has zero respect from your team in the real world. This is a typical red arse officer comment, that makes us all look disrespectful and ignorant. :rambo:
  18. Sorry, but SUY?
  19. SUY - Senior Upper Yardman. This is not a very easily understood term, but is the RN terminology for a damned rating who has had the audacity to seek promotion to the Officer Corps, and will therefore never reach the planes that one such as NatG, with one successful job interview and seven weeks of basic training, already knows is their destiny as superior beings.
  20. My sarcasm radar just collapsed under the strain...

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