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This was received a couple of weeks ago and may be of interest..

Good afternoon,
We hope this email finds you well. We’re reaching out to you as we have recently completed an exciting television series, set to broadcast on the Smithsonian Channel.
Over the course of six episodes, Hell Below will take an in-depth look at the greatest submarine campaigns of World War II, profiling the strategic masterminds and tactics of U.S. subs and Nazi U-boats in the Pacific and Atlantic.
The first episode, The Wolfpack premieres Sunday, July 17 at 9 P.M ET/PT on the Smithsonian Channel.
We hope that you can help spread the word. Would it be possible to let your community members know about this through your mailing lists or community boards? Attached is a promotional jpeg which can be used digitally or printed as a poster.
If this is of interest, feel free to contact us and we can provide more information or promotional photos. We are very excited to share with your audience.
Please like our Facebook page for updates. We’d love to connect with you.
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