Discussion in 'The Corps' started by canuck123, Oct 24, 2007.

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  1. Why do Royal marines use helocopters to get around? Arents they an amphibious force? Helos are for the Paras, Marines should walk or drive there.
  2. Read up on RM in Suez. Borneo and Malaya, too. :thumright:
  3. And about lying off-shore, Force Projection, etc
    You there yet? :thumright:
  4. nope, i no theyve done air assults but it doesnt make sense not to do i t amphibiously.
  5. Whole bunch of factors e.g. waters, coastal depth and shelving, terrain, enemy defences, surprise, speed, etc which make a helo assault the preferred option. In Iraq war the initial assaults on the Faw Peninsula were a combined helo and boat assault. Think how different Dieppe might have been with helos being launched from the sea as well. All other things being equal, of course.
  6. So why dont the Paras do it, its there job.
  7. Coz the paras are too busy writing about the last trouble they got into!

    Also the helicopters are real usefull for flying in the Tim Hortons Girls who get paid 14 bucks an hour + benefits compared to the cannon fodder who is on way less than that!

    Any other stupid questions Eh?

    Who do YOU write for Canuck?
  8. WTF are you talking about. Dont bitch about my tim hortons jus cuz your jeolus.
  9. Oh by the way we dont use eh like that so get it staight. Go back to your tea and crumpets.
  10. The Paras don't do it because the helicopters come off Royal Navy ships and being pongoes they are hydrophobic.
  11. Canuck123
  13. On the subject of choppers I think Canuck123 counts as one...
  14. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Besides, it was the RN who invented helicopter-borne assault (at Suez, 1956).
  15. Nice one!
  16. This is a wind-up. No-one who subscribes to a military site would seriously ask this question; unless they are about eleven years old. You bit guys.
  17. Hercules' are for Paras mate.

    How is a Landing craft going to get you onto a hostile ship? Or up a cliff face? Or get your artillery ashore? Or to a strategic position inland?
  18. Bobc, you may be right, however there are no end of Mongs around, even in HMF.

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