Helicopter support in Afghanistan

Re: Welsh Guard's CO killed in Afghan

Well it seems everyone seems to think we need more helicopters in Afghanistan except the moron running the MoD…

“We can’t conduct the kind of operations we need to conduct in Afghanistan from the air,â€

Bob Ainsworth, Defence Secretary

More words of wisdom from Ainsworth…

"…“Of course, helicopters are needed — we’re moving the Merlin helicopter across from Iraq — but ask the guys doing the job, they can’t conduct the operation in great big massive vehicles all the time, they need a range of vehicles. They need manoeuvrability, they need to be able to see what’s going on and they need to be able to get off the beaten track.â€

Huh? Earth calling Ainsworth!! - Helicopters give you manouverability, they allow you to see what's going on and to get off the beaten track… they're pretty immune to mines and IEDs too.

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