Helicopter Aircrew/SAR Divers

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by sardeeps, Nov 22, 2012.

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  1. I understand that the FN Aeronavale started Aircrew/SAR Divers before we did in the FAA. Can anyone shed any light please?

    It would also be useful to know if the FN carrier 'Charles de Gaulle' has Helicopter SAR Divers embarked.

    Thanks for your interest.
  2. I have posed the question to the SAR divers on FB so hopefully one of them may get back soon!
  3. SAR Divers in Aeronavale?

    Thanks Waspie, I am/was an Aircrew/SAR Diver, so don't hold out much hope on the well-trodden path. Thanks for trying though, someone might know if the FN Carrier 'Charles de Gaulle' carries them.
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  4. Thanks Scouse, had a look at the clip. They are (allegedly) French Army, in what we would describe as an SBS military role. That shows that the French, unsurprisingly possess the capability of airborne underwater swimmers. We have had that capability too, since its inception and many of the techniques for jumping (safely?) out of helicopters were borrowed from the Clearance Diver Branch and the RM SBS. What I am asking is, do the French use Helicopter Rescue Divers in the same way as we did in the FAA?
  5. The Portland Wessex Mk1 SAR Diver demo rescue. Thanks Scouse, I had seen it some time ago. I remember someone talking about doing the demo and I'm unable to recall who it was. Any offers for names?
  6. have a stab with...PO Airey PO Macarthy PO McQuillan they were instructors in 66:angel7:
  7. I think the SAR Diver is possibly Dave Airey.
  8. 66 the frogmen pathe news....... This LT/CDR Norman. 25/09/1958 240 V-145 Scimitar F1 803 NAS Fell off the side of HMS Victorious at low speed into the English Channel off Portsmouth after the No.1 arrestor wire failed on landing. The pilot, who was the Squadron CO, was trapped in the cockpit and drowned despite efforts of crewmen from the rescue Whirlwind. Members of the press had been invited along to watch 803 Squadron embark
  9. Truly sad times. Glad Flight Safety and the introduction of the SAR Diver came into being and assisted with the rescue and lowering of accidents.

    Although after a career with these guys it still beggars belief why they willingly jump from perfectly serviceable helicopters and enjoy it!!!!!! I used to crap myself jumping into the oggin when on course!!!!!

    It is such a shame that the SAR Diver like many good things in the RN has been phased out. I wonder how many, (if any), lives have been lost as a result. With the future carriers, will the SAR Diver be re-introduced? Let's hope so.
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  10. The Navy can hardly complain, they invited the world's media onboard, cameras and all, to witness Britain's first (sic) 'Supercarrier' (HMS Victorious) embark her CAG for the first time after a 7? year upgrade. I suggest that if something similar happened nowadays and with the plethora of Mob phone cameras available a similar situation would arise and the web would be awash with stills and video of the incident. Of course it's disturbing that's 'News'.
  11. What is it about the media that makes things go mighty wrong.

    The press met at Portland and flew in a 771 Wessex and it ditched in the harbour with loss of life! (Ginge Rimmer the crewie IIRC - survived)
  12. That's 'Ginge, Eric the Red' Rimmer I think, who was on NAUT 53 course with, amongst others! Me? I believe he helped one of the pressmen out and received a recommend for his efforts?
  13. Sorry Scouse, it was Lt./Cdr Russel, the CO of 803 Squad. However a sad time, and in front of the media too.
  14. I was a grubber on 771 then and for years the story was passed about regards Ginge escaping via the broken tail section. Then another story passed into the annals of myth or truth!!!! Could he have passed through the small gap, physically no, but the story spread that indeed he shrunk to the size of a hedgehog and out he went. However he escaped he did well.
  15. Yes you are of course correct!!!
  16. Used to love jumping off the board down the SAR section in Falmouth docks. I am sure it was some kind of WAFU's aircraft gangway which you could extend to reach the door. Maaaaaasive jump if it was low tide!
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