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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Murph, Mar 1, 2010.

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  1. Not sure where I stand at the moment, got a phone call of the AFCO today saying one of my referees hadnt got back to them and that I need another one....this isnt the problem though, what im morried about is that last week he said there were no problems and that i was waiting for a date. Where does this put me now?
  2. Murph

    Can you get in touch with the original referee by telephone to ask if he or she has returned his/her reference? It could have been lost in the post.
  3. i dont think they will bid for a date for you untill you ref as got back to them
  4. Ive just given him a ring and he said he didnt have time to do one. Nice of him to tell me though! Im getting one of my Ex Boses to do it.

    Just wounder if this holds me up much?
  5. Aghhh how annoying! Why he told me the other week everything was fine ill never no!
  6. i hope for your sake is dosint mate, but from what i have read on this site they will not bid for a date for you unless all information is available.

    Am sure ninja or sm will confirm.
  7. if i was you mate i would go to your old boss and get the ref in person atleast you know you have it then and bring it into your afco yourself.
  8. Yea true, hes very reliable but if i get it this week itll be ideal. Off snowboarding all next week. Otherwise they just have to get in contact with him.
  9. Sounds just like me mate, although I'm told my place has been bid for and I'm just waiting on a date and that my missing reference has not affected my application. Personally I no longer believe a word the people in my AFCO tell me. Unless I see it in writing then I am dubious as to it's validity.
  10. My AFCO didn't send my GCSE certificates to the regional office and didn't sign my A-levels either. They told me this 7 weeks after I submitted my security questionnaire so I had to travel over to my AFCO just to make sure they would actually send the certificates on. I phoned the regional office today and they told me that my security will not have been cleared yet - 8 weeks after submitting the form. I just hope I don't have to wait a further 8 weeks just to get a letter saying my FATs are in a further 3 months.
  11. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    All too often applicants nominate referees without asking them first, hence the inevitable delays. It's good manners to ask & common sense to check they have replied.

    Due to the volume of applicants at present, many AFCO's cannot test candidates for up to three or four months after they submit a correctly completed application. Those who can't be bothered to supply the requested details correctly should not be surprised if we process pro-active applicants first.

    We do not usually submit a Security Questionnaire until the applicant has passed the recruiting test, medical, PJFT and selection interview as it costs so much.

    The advice for applicants is to think ahead, complete everything when asked & not wait to be chased-up for uncompleted elements of selection to ensure the earliest possible entry date.

    My guess it waiting times will continue to increase and training places likely to be reduced so merit based selection is not an impossible concept & those that delay by omission will reap what they sow.
  12. If this is aimed against me then I obviously wasn't clear enough. I have completed the fitness test, medical, RT, initial interview and submitted the security questionnaire on the day of my interview (I sent it straight to the regional office). I had submitted my certificates - all of them - when I went in for the RT. My AFCO didn't sign my A-levels. They did not send on my GCSE results. I was told not to expect a response from my questionnaire for up to 8 weeks. I displayed my frustration in my post. I can appreciate that occassionally administrative oversights do happen but, as it is my chosen career path and hopeful life career they're dealing with, I am not simply going to roll over everytime the application is delayed by a couple of months. Having said all that though, I do still appreciate the helpfulness of my AFCO and the enthusiasm of my ACLO.
  13. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    It's not aimed at anybody, it's a generic bit of advice & not intended as a shouty reprimand.

    Officer recruiting has been changed over the last few months whereby the AFCO will now process everything initially from booking the recruiting test, eyetest, medical examination & PJFT - after which the candiodate is "handed-over" for processing by the OCLC/ACLO for Sift Interview, verification of academic qualifications, security clearance, booking of FATs, booking of AIB & entry.

    Needless to say there have been "teething problems" because we are desperately short of officer applicants (40% shortfall!). This co-incides with the fact that AFCOs are processing RFA & Officer candidates in addition to record numbers of Rating Applicants & we treat all applicants exactly the same regardless of the trade for which they are applying. Some AFCOs have a 4 month wait just to sit the Recruiting Test unfortunately, so whilst the ACLOs are now supposedly "free" to conduct more outreach & drum-up fresh applicants, coupled with money suddenly being "found" to advertise Officer careers nationally - at the coal face we're 'creaking under the burden'.

    To give an idea of frustration felt all around, at my AFCO this week, 20 people were booked to sit the Recruiting Test, 10 people didn't bother showing-up despite the fact we send a letter and mobile text reminder the day before. Of those that sat the test, three failed outright, four did not score high enough for their first preference trade, leaving three first preference applicants.

    What is blatantly obvious is that in the recession, people apply for a job so they can continue to claim Jobseekers allowance - they have no intention of joining the services, but bugger it up for those who wish to join. There are also those who foolishly try to "wing-it" at risk of putting their application back a year by not practising before the test,.
  14. Wow, I am shocked and stunned at that!

    Having seen and experienced the horrific state of the graduate job market and the record low in average starting graduate salaries I would have thought the armed forces would be overwhelmed with officer applicants - that is a completely illogical state of affairs.
  15. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    The irony is that advertising for RN Officer is being primarily focussed at professionals in full-time employment during a recession, not unemployed graduates with the offer of £29K starting pay.

    Then again, I'm no advertising executive, so am not qualified to suggest a different tack.
  16. It's a few years since I graduated but I definately noticed a distinct lack of forces presence, RN, RAF or Army, when it came to careers marketing. Seems like a bit of an opportunity missed.
  17. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    I reckon that if all (under) graduates were aware of what is on offer in the RN & RM there wouldn't be a 40% shortfall at present, but there is unfortunately.

    The problem with promoting graduate careers in Universities (unlike schools/colleges) is that there is seldom one event in which all students are present (lectures included) & this includes careers fairs as they tend to aim at vocational employment rather than graduate employment.

    Last uni careers event I went to, I just made a big daft sign for the hard of hearing with the words: "Graduate Careers - £29,000 starting pay - Any degree". We were mobbed.
  18. I think NS is absolutely right - I graduated six years ago and hate the job I'm in, so the current officer advertising is aimed at peoiple like me. Trouble is I'm now too old for anything other than logistics....bugger. Just passed my RT for warfare specialist though so I'll get in somewhere (even if I will be an old man by then). Any chance of them expanding the Senior Upper Yardsman scheme to make up the shortfall?
  19. Well, one of my referees hasn't even recieved his form to fill in for me, despite me being told it would be sent out after my interview, I have chased the AFCO once on it and am going in to see them tomorrow as I don't want to wait any longer than I have to.
  20. Definately agree with this - I think there is a perception, fuelled by media reports of defence underfunding, that everyone in the forces are impoverished. I was invited to the Lords through my URNU and one peer's wife said that ambitious people no longer join the Navy. I thought that was outrageous and wholly incorrect but it does perhaps reflect a general grain of ignorance within the population. People are often nonsensical when I tell them that I'm applying to the RN and, while the starting salary is only a bonus to my main reasons for joining, they are genuinely shocked that, if I am successful, I'll be starting on between 29-31k. The 'life without limits' adverts are reasonable but, as you say, they don't really reach out to the many hundreds of thousands of ignorant students out there with little idea of what to do with their lives.

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