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War Hero
Royal Marine dies in an accident and goes to heaven. He arrives at the pearly gates and waits his turn, eventually he gets to the front of the line and Saint Peter checks his name off and informs him he is allowed into heaven, before he walks in he asks Saint Peter if there was any paras in heaven as if this was the case he didn't want to enter as he couldn't stand the buggers, Saint Peter informs the Royal Marine that there was infact no Paras in heaven, so in he trots.

The Marine is having a great time wandering around and settles down in a clearing of tropical plants watching really nice angles of the female variety taking a swim when suddenly bushes part, a guy wearing a bergen and red berret marches right over the top of him,keeps going and disappears into the undergrowth.

The Marine yomps back to the entrance to heaven and lands one on Saint Peter, who still stunned from the blow asks what he had done to deserve such a punch, the Marine reminds him that he had told him that there was no Paras in heaven, Saint Peter replys .................

There aren't ...that was God he likes to think he's airbourne !!!

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