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Hearts of Oak

This is the reply I got from John Tams:
'Hearts of Oak' - not my choice either, but it played a part earlier in the series and Tom wanted to use it again. It's very much associated with the sea - a parlour, landlocked song in reality and nowt much to do with soldiery. But whatever! I wrote 'Stand To Me Bonny Lads' as an antedote which seemed to me more fitting of soldiery.

So it turns out it was a bit to do with hoice for the series but they could have sung it, it is a very good tune!
Deckhead_Inspector said:
The "Wonderful Year" in the song is 1759. Full of Naval and Military successes. Words from a David Garick production to celebrate that year. So quite possibly popular with Pongo's as well. Coincidentaly the year that HMS VICTORY's keel was laid and Arthur Guiness started brewing.

1759 - Guinness is born - now THAT is interesting !! :)

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