Hearts of Oak to be replaced by PC correct Tune

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by slim, Nov 18, 2006.

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  1. In this new era of allowing members of the gay community to serve in the RN there is growing concern that the anthem Hearts of Oak will be replaced by one that is more politically correct.
    The tune "From a Jack to a Queen" is one suggestion.
    Any others?
  2. 'In The Navy' by The Village People. Obviously! :lol:
  3. A life on the ocean wave !!!!!!!!!!
  4. All you need to do is change the words a bit:

    "Come cheer up my Lads, Lasses, Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transvestites, Gender Reassigners, Those who haven't quite decided yet, 'tis to glory we steer . . . "

    Although it would last twice as long.
  5. I have "SUNSET" as my text ringtone , love it ,
    Life on the Ocean wave as my voice ringtone ,
    Stored as standbys , Officers Call , Mess Beatings ,

    Can't beat Sunset , I always let it play for a little while before answering it , always remember RM Bugler do'ing it as the The White Ensign is lowered under spotlight , magic , 8)
  6. My ringtone is Hearts of Oak.
    The wallpaper on my spare phone is a picture I took of Victory.
  7. Blimey I bet you wrinklies would be the first to complain at inconsiderate kids with their silly ringtones 8O 8O 8O 8O 8O 8O
  8. Well, my ringtone for incoming calls is the sound of a normal telephone ringing whilst my incoming text alert is a single telephone ring.

    Boring I know, but I instantly know if it's my 'phone ringing as it's the only one without a silly ringtone! :lol:
  9. My wallpaper is the White Ensign blowing in the wind , I sometimes change it to a girlie in a pair of panties , It's a very close up shot of the panties , mmmmmmmmmm, lovely juberly ,
  10. doesn't the care assistant who brings your meals on wheels find it a bit embarassing dondon????? might drop your spotted dick!!!!!

    :oops: :oops: :oops:

  11. No I have'nt got a care assistant , & I have'nt got a spotted dick either , & cant stand Thongs , dental floss for ringpieces , awfull fxxxxxxxxxxg things , aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh :twisted:
  12. Cheeky sod! :wink: :lol:

    Can I get a Hearts of Oak ringtone for my Orange Nokia mobile? If so I must get it before I'm accused of being too PC... especially as I'm a Mac user and don't own a PC any more :roll:
  13. Steve,

    I have Hearts of Oak on my Nokia which I've just downloaded to my confuser. If you PM me your e-mail address I will send it to you.
  14. I have HOA in computer curtosey of Rosy and her RM Bandy compulsion disorder(RMBCD). I've got to lean the words..........sorry anchor faced I know but hey what ya gonna do?
  15. and here they are:

    Come cheer up, my lads! 'tis to glory we steer,
    To add something more to this wonderful year;
    To honour we call you, not press you like slaves,
    For who are so free as the sons of the waves?

    Heart of oak are our ships, heart of oak are our men;
    We always are ready, steady, boys, steady!
    We'll fight and we'll conquer again and again.

    We ne'er see our foes but we wish them to stay,
    They never see us but they wish us away;
    If they run, why we follow, and run them ashore,
    For if they won't fight us, we cannot do more.


    They swear they'll invade us, these terrible foes,
    They frighten our women, our children, and beaus;
    But should their flat bottoms in darkness get o'er,
    Still Britons they'll find to receive them on shore.


    We'll still make them fear, and we'll still make them flee,
    And drub 'em on shore, as we've drubb'd 'em at sea;
    Then cheer up, my lads! with one heart let us sing:
    Our soldiers, our sailors, our statesmen and Queen.


    anyone want to come up with the PC version?
  16. There's nothing wrong with being anchor faced. It's the way ahead.
  17. oi cheeky oaf you, I do not have RM bandy Compulsion Disorder. But if you are interested here is the link for

    RM Band Downloads

    If you are really sad, there is the link to the website for the best RM band concert in their calendar

    Mountbatten Festival of Music

    and here are some prima donnas

  18. Stop posting these pictures Rosie, you know they give AAC raised blood pressure
  19. I have the crazy frog on my mobile.Well,i say MY mobile,its works Mobile really.Yes its kin annoying,but i know when my phone rings as its the only one with the bloody frog ringtone!
  20. One for Always, a pink and fluffy gay ops room phot!


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