Heart murmur trouble!

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by CHF, Sep 9, 2013.

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  1. CHF


    Sorry for opening a chat thing but I just need answers as I'm worried

    I've just had a medical and I've been told there's going to be a 6-8 week delay as I have a slight heart murmur and I need to have an echo scan?

    Can somebody please tell me if this is going bar me entry or does it matter with it been so small?

    People with expertise in this please answer!

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  2. An echocardiogram is an ultrasound of your heart. It will tell us if the murmur is the result of a problem with one of the 4 valves in your heart. Many murmurs are "innocent", meaning there's nothing to worry about.

    Yes, there will be a delay pending the echo and analysis of the results.

    The examining doctor should have explained this. To say I'm not surprised would reveal my opinion of the doctors who perform these examinations on our behalf.
  3. For what its worth OP.... at least its getting checked out, even though many murmurs are false alarms..... what if it wasn't?

    It's better that its checked out.

    Doctor at my medical was sketchy in the extreme. Truly confidence inspiring.
  4. CHF


    Thanks! Couldn't ask for better replies!

    It's just a long wait for the echo and results :(

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  5. If it helps - the extent of my medical training is being a level 2 first aider I should say - but I have a heart murmur that was picked up when I volunteered for submarines during phase 2 training and I had a nervous wait while I was referred to a specialist at RNH Haslar. That was in 1991 and I'm still serving quite happily .
  6. CHF


    :)yay! I haven't ever had trouble with it at all! It's only ever been noticed twice (I'm 17) first time when I was 2 and second at the medical! It's never affected me at all, I've always played sport and its never held me back.

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  7. When I had my aircrew medical they picked up an irregularity with my ticker. Turned out to be nothing too drastic - at least you will know. Had you not had the medical you would be sitting fat dumb and happy.

    Think positive thoughts and you'll be fine. (Hopefully).
  8. CHF


    Great that's good to hear! For certain roles do they look for certain things or differences regarding your heart murmur for example a technician to a marine?

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  9. Kin hell, didn't know booties had hearts! :)

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  10. No, thats Crushers. I know one that's having a triple bypass, dont know if its heart or sense of humour.:toothy7:
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  11. I had to go on a course recently and there were some crabs on it, one of the names they call Snowdrops is "fun sponges", never heard that before and made me laugh.
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  12. Careful Doc - there was a thread on here about the quality (or lack of) of the recruitment medical peeps and they didn't like being told they were substandard - especially when you provided evidence of why ;-)
  13. One thing I would point out is that it is very different picking up a condition while serving and trying to join with a condition.

    I don't want to p*ss on anyones chips but people continue to serve having developed things such as diabetes but there's no way to join with it.

    Good luck all the same.
  14. A heart Waspie has got a Heart never would have guesed:tongue:
  15. CHF


    Well I've been sent to get a echocardiogram? They have to check it to make sure I'm suitable for the role I want

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  16. My son was diagnosed with a mild heart murmur at about 6 months old. He also had breathing issues from birth and was in hospital with a chest infection when the diagnosed it. We were assured its a mild one and nothing to worry about. He had a check up 6 months later and a heart scan and they said there was really no cause for concern and most children with mild heart murmurs grow out of them. Scary at the time, but at least it has been picked up.

    My son is now 3 and an active little boy, the murmur hasn't stopped him at all. Try not to worry, he's in safe hands now that they have picked it up and they'll do tests and stuff to monitor it in future.

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