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I'm aged 22 and when i was 7 years old, i had fever and the doctor said i had a mild heart murmur, they checked me out and said it wasnt a problem, and just let me get on with my life sort of speak.

Will that stop me from passing my Medical, i leave an active lifestyle as i climb mountains etc etc and this so called heart murmur has never bothered me in the slightest.

I look forward to your comments.
First off, I'm not a doctor and, apart from a level 2 first aid certificate, have no medical training. I do however have a heart murmur. It's never stopped me from doing anything, including climbing mountains, since I've been in the RN.

That said, mine was picked up after joining, when I was having my medical for service in submarines during phase 2 training. Again, no expert, but I believe there are circumstances where a medical problem which would've been a bar to joining that develops 'in service' does not mean a medical discharge.

In short, I don't know the answer to your question, the doctor who does your joining medical will. But take heart (pun intended) from the fact that I'm serving and P2 with a heart murmur.
As Pompeyexpat I am not a doctor nor in any way officially medically trained. But, I have had since birth a heart murmur and to be honest cannot tell that it makes any difference at all. I have always been extremely active and hope to continue to do so.
It has been noticed in my adult life only twice. The last was by the excellent doctor I have now, and the first:
At the basic medical they gave me when I left the Navy back in the days of yore.
It has been evident on my medical documents since birth but did not bar me in any way joining the service.
I wish you luck.

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I don't know what effect it will or could have on your joining process but, if it is a problem I'm pretty sure that you can get it checked to see it is not a problem and then re-do the medical afterwards. If I remember correctly.
It's been a major problem for alot of people I know joining the forces, being taken out of selection centres etc, I was told at birth I had a heart murrmur at belived I had one till about the age of 15, till I had to take a medical for my dads posting in Africa. I had an ECG and found out I had nothing wrong at all, my heart is a littlemore noisy than most. During my aplication to the RN I have had no questions asked, and no issues have been raised during medicals etc. Hope this helps!


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I was diagnosed with a heart murmur as a toddler which caused me no problem growing up. I joined up at 16 and am still serving, 22 years later. The only time my insignificant murmur caused a problem was when I tried to register as a blood donor; however once I obtained a certificate from my PMO stating that the murmur would not affect the donations I was able to join the register. Apart from that, I have never noticed any problem with it - and it also proves that Regulators do have a heart... :wink:
I too was diagnosed with a slight heart murmor. It caused me to take a second medical when I joined having to go to Haslar to get a scan etc. But I was allowed to join and I've never had any problems


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I'm not a Doctor either, but "angrydoc" is.

Rather than rely on anecdotal information, speak to those professionally qualified to give advice in this area.

Good luck.
Thanks to all of you who have replied, i have my medical in a week and will post here what happend so that others in my situation will have further informatio
Tickers are weird things.

When I had my aircrew medical the docs picked up an irregularity on my ECG. Too long ago to remember what it was, it was something along the lines of one of my 20 + heart muscles was out of sync. Wasn't enough to fail my medical.

So see you doc and let him tell you, with luck, like me it won't restrict your career.


Apparently, I was diagnosed with a heart murmor during my pre-joining medical at the Careers Office way back in 1978. I got in with no problems. Shame I only discovered this at a PULHEEM (sp?) some 15 years later when, after the doc strangely had me doing star jumps, told me why :roll:

I was diagnosed with a heart murmur during my pre-joining medical last year. I was referred back to my GP to arrange an echocardiogram; which he duly did. Two months later I had my second pre-joining medical (minus the bag-grab), handed the doctor the results of the echo and she promptly passed me through.

I join in January 2010~.

Good luck, buddy.
No worries, Rocky.

I’m on a 21 month waiting list to join as an HM (Hydrography, Meteorology & Oceanography Specialist). I actually submitted my application in November ’07 but the process was prolonged due to me being a re-entrant.
Oh rite, thats make a little more sense, im hoping to get in the Navy within a couple of months ( have my physcometric and medical in 1.5 weeks, both on the same) what you say i would expect to wait for HMS Raleigh for a submariner?


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rocky6190 said:
Oh rite, thats make a little more sense, im hoping to get in the Navy within a couple of months ( have my physcometric and medical in 1.5 weeks, both on the same) what you say i would expect to wait for HMS Raleigh for a submariner?
rocky, is English your first language?

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