Heart FM: "Navy Diver Starts Great South Run In 200lb Gear"

Discussion in 'Charity' started by soleil, Oct 26, 2012.

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  1. Went to see Scouse today, looked shattered. Miles 5-9 tomorrow
  2. Frogs,

    Any idea of his appox. ETA at/near the Queens Hotel area?

    I live nearby & might be able to arrange a chuck-up.


  3. Rough figures oppo- Kings Rd at 0930. Dressed, then off for 1000 heading towards seafront. A mile is taking 1.5 hours. 1100 ish?? Don't quote me.

    Miles 5-9 so you should catch him there somewhere. Bring some change......
  4. Fair play, that is some going. "Goddammit Cookie, move your ass, I want my twelve"
  5. Aye, I'll muster my search party and check him out.

  6. With change......
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  7. Passed the Queens now doing well today. Spirits are good.
  8. Keep it up Scouse

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  9. :cry: Drat and Double Drat,

    Obviously adrift TF and mortified to have to confess that, having circuited most of the passable roads and negotiated the traffic, my lookouts failed to report a confirmed sighting of this gallant hombre and we have therefore just RTB with camera unused and the change intact.... :blush: :sad: :sad10:

    Intend another sweep of the area mañana - Looking at the route map I'm assuming that he will be approaching the Finish Gate at the Pyramids Centre after coming westwards along the sea front past the pier from the Eastney Area?

    It's usually mega-chocker-block on all adjacent roads & we'd hate to miss him again: So whats the SP on his preps, Time/Place at his start point for his final Sunday mile etc, Froggers, please?

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  11. Scouse doing his last mile, starting at the RM barracks on the front at 1000. Bring money
  12. Hi Bob, Was that you in the Submariners hat? One of the lads mentioned you asked after me?

  13. Aye,

    Came along the sea front and self & OH caught up with Mr & Mrs Scouse & Co. at the 9 mile point where they having a mini break shortly before the leaders whizzed by.

    Contributed then limped back via Canoe Lake, (notched up 3.5 miles today, longest I'd walked for a wee while thanks to OD of co-codamel).

    BZ to all you Bubbleheaders running/helping - hope you met/exceeded your target for BLESMA.

  14. You stood next to me! I had the multi coloured hat on.I only found out after you left. Hope you enjoyed the walk.

    Yes the 9 mile point was todays starting point. Also the rest of the lads followed up in the rest of the diving gear.

    As of this morning the branch had raised £4600 for BLESMA. BZ all round.
  15. IMG_1311.jpg

    Froggers 'n Bob with Bubblehead Scouse Fleming enchanted as the scantily-clad 'Elite Women' whizz by.

    The Main Man: Chief Petty Officer Ian Fleming
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