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Heart conditions and medical

After lurking about and trying to find more info I’ve finally decided to just ask .
I’m aware that you guys probably can’t give a definitive answer but hopefully someone might have similar experience!
My son has recently been deferred medically unfit due to a heart murmur picked up at his medical.
He has undergone a ECG and an Echo of the heart and no problems found . He has seen a prof of cardiology that looks after the campion’s league winners . He has stated he has healthy heart. Due to my hydro tropic cardiomyopathy he has recommend my son has an annual check up . Would anyone know if this is something that would fail his medical or can the navy undertake an annual ECG ?
The way we understood is similar to an eye test or a dentist visit. I’ve tried reading the jsp but can’t find anything that suggests either way !
Thanks for reading
As you know, nobody on here is qualified to give a definitive answer and so anything I'm about to say should in no way be treated as authoritative.

I have a heart murmur that was picked up when I had my SM Service medical, which was during my Phase 2 training. Following the initial assessment by the PMO at Collingwood I then went through a series of follow-up tests - a couple of ECGs and an echo done at RNH Haslar by a Cardiac Consultant - the final sign-off to my being fit for SMs came from the consultant who was amazed the PMO had picked it up with a stethoscope, given how difficult he found it to show with an echo, but his view was I hadn't died during Phase 1 and if I hadn't joined the navy I'd probably never have found out about it. It has since had no impact whatsoever on my career or life.

So that should suggest that he probably won't have an issue - though I will caveat that by saying no two people with a heart murmur will present exactly the same and that because mine presented during Phase 2 rather than during the recruitment process the outcome could be different. There are occasions when a condition that precludes entry is viewed differently for people already in service because there has already been a lot of investment in that individual.
Thanks for your reply
I think his heart murmur has been put down as innocent and picked up on the stethoscope as he is slim . All tests are clear of any problems. Just the yearly monitoring to ensure he doesn’t develop issues in the future. Think this can be done by navy personnel, nhs or private. His concern is will this discount him as require yearly check ups . He feel they could be arranged around deployments particularly if he went private . It’s more a check due to family history rather than a problem now
I've never had any follow-up reviews since my initial diagnosis so again please don't take this as in any way a qualified statement, but I think that could be counted as a medical limitation in service. Is it necessary or is it simply a recommendation? Again, there are people in service who for one reason or another require regular reviews for health conditions and it doesn't impact their employability, but if it's a requirement rather than a nicety for your son it may not be viewed as simply.
All you can do is provide all the evidence from the tests and if you can find out if the regular checks are required or just a belt and braces check up?

Then wait for the outcome

If his medical unfit is still with Capita and they come back and say unfit, he can with help from his recruiter appeal, which by passes Capita and goes to the RN Doctors who have the final say.

Good luck to your son.
Not medically qualified.

What I would say with what you already know is: Apply! Hope for a pass, (medically), and expect the worst.

I've said it before on here, we all have a good idea of our capabilities but our physiology is quite unknown and the only way of finding out is to go through the process.

During peace time I would say there is very little strain on a healthy heart, but!! In combat, the stresses both mentally and physically could be immense. A weakened ticker, would not just be a liability to the individual but also his comrades who may depend on them.

However, if you don't try you'll never know and I've met enough 'civvies' who tell me they regret not trying!!!! So go for it and good luck.
Thanks folks it’s been on going with capita for months now . It’s 1 step forward and one step back each time they review it . Having looked at the report back to capita , the only reason now we think is the annual heart scan as a precaution to some family history . Looking at jsp it could be a reason they can decline rather than his heart . It’s all about how they define the yearly screen ! Fingers crossed thanks for your replies
Don’t forget there is always the appeal process if you’re not happy with a decision by Capita.
Also ’search’ Capita on here and you will see what your son will be dealing with!!
I’ve been reading for the last few months.
Seems to be a common problem in the recruiting process . Just makes you wonder how many decent people are lost to other careers due to the capita situation!
Capita are risk averse, they would rather say no and let the appeals process take the responsibility away from them.
I can't believe I'm defending Crapita but in their defence they work off a tick sheet, if all the boxes can't be ticked they default to TMU. There's no common dog applied.
Capita are risk averse, they would rather say no and let the appeals process take the responsibility away from them.
That’s very much my opinion. In fairness to them they have been good with communication. They have chased up with doctors when things have got stuck. If honest we would still be waiting for an ecg and echo on the nhs as i think it’s low priority. I found a organisation called cardiac risk in the young . They offer free screenings and have been really helpful in getting an appointment with a specialist cardiologist.
I can't believe I'm defending Crapita but in their defence they work off a tick sheet, if all the boxes can't be ticked they default to TMU. There's no common dog applied.
I guess it’s an off the shelf service . Just seem to be lots that fall in the TMU and are left chasing doctors trying to find answers . I guess the g.p loves it at £50 a pop all paid by capita

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