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I'm aware the hearing test has been covered but I've got a bit of a specific question.

I have my medical on the 20th November but I had a routine hearing test a few weeks ago where they found 'cause for concern', so had me back for a more thorough test last Friday. In my left ear I have a problem with high frequencies, this has come under the 'severe' category on the test results. The guy doing the tests couldn't advise me how this would affect my application.
What I want advice on is if I should go and show these results to my AFCO or should I just hold out until the medical, which I am now certain I will fail due to this.


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It's a bit of a difficult one, if you want it to be. The AFCO staff aren't qualified to reject an applicant on medical grounds - that can only be done by a qualified medical examiner.

They can advise you if there's something they know will be an issue, but it's up to the applicant whether they wish to continue the application up until the point they are told "no" by a qualified medical examiner.

If you know you are going to meet the hearing standards then it's a bit of a moot point, to be honest.

If you have your hearing test results in digital format, email your local AFCO and request your attached results are forwarded to the RN Medical Manager for definitive guidance whether or not the standard for entry is met.
Thanks. I have a print out so I could scan it and email it to him.

I know nothing about the Navy's standards for hearing but if I'm in the 'severe' category on a normal test I'm assuming it will be the same on a military test. I'm preparing for the worst.
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