Hearing requirements

hi guys
ive been training for the marines for nearly a year now but last july i had a bad ear infection and its damaged my inner ear.

So now i have lost a lot of the hearing in one ear the other ones fine but i can only pick up deep noises and no high pitch noise at all in my bad one, docs say it wont repair itself so stuck with it.

Just wondering were this leaves me in joining the marines have my chances gone or can you still join up with limited levels of hearing in one ear.

Any help, advise much appreciated thanks


You'll need a formal audiogram (ie hearing test) to see what your hearing is really like. Don't despair yet - for general entry you don't need perfect hearing!

Before I even opened this thread I was expecting to see this type of incoming - you set youself up there matey!!! No surprise you were first in there either Rosie!!! :wink:

Phone AFCO and see if they have a note of the guidelines or maybe they can put you in touch with a RN Doctor who can advise.

Good luck mate, I hope it works out for you.


When i went for my AIB one of the lads i did it with failed his med because he couldnt here high pitched noises, dunno if this is just for AIB or for everyone. I had bad ear infections when i was younger and whereas one doctor told me i would never pass a military medical with it i requested a second opinion and was given a course of treatment to clear whatever was making all the problems, i have had no trouble since! Maybe you should request a second opinion.

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