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Hi guys,

So i failed the medical recently due to slightly bad hearing. Since I was young I've had lower than averages hearing, I've had doctors tell me I should have a speech impediment, hearing aids, I'll struggle in school etc..... However I passed school no problems, I never have issues at work. (Im an apprentice engineer). the test I took wasn't great, it was a set of crappy headphones and it certainly wasn't carried out in a soundproof room. I take regular tests are work and they've declared me fit to work in a noisy enviroment, also specialist doctors tell me there is no sign of deterioration in my hearing. speaking to me personally you wouldn't even think I had hearing issues.

can you anyone on here give any advice or anecdotes on similar cases. whats my chances of getting in? is wearing hearing aids an option if it came to it? I'm once again been told by others I can't to this and that due to my hearing when im sailed through life up to now with no problems. I wear ear defenders appropriately at work and evidence shows that the background noise at work (a large manufacturing area with machines, tools.....etc making noise) hasn't effected my hearing.

apologies for the long post, im very keen to join and I refuse to throw away a fantastic career over something like this. I'll do everything in my power to show my GP that I am capable and fit to join.

Cheers guys



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Sorry to hear of your circumstances.

If you can go for an independent hearing test that matches the same test parameters required by the service, but shows your hearing loss is within the set limits then you are at liberty to appeal against the medical decision via your AFCO.

Sometimes hearing tests are conducted in noisy environments, on uncalibrated or damaged equipment. You can prove it by producing a set of results within accepted boundaries for entry but a test that shows results outside the accepted boundaries at any frequency is unfortunately an outright bar.

Best of luck.
Cheers for the fast reply NS

I think I will try compiling as much evidence as possible in regards of of test results, etc... and I will go for another test in which there will be better test conditions. If I can't pass the test then fair enough I'll accept it. I believe I can, I was only a fraction out of the boundary last time.


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