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Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by deafwafu1978, Feb 23, 2013.

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  1. Hi all
    Well here we go my first post so I shall try and make it as painless as possible.

    I joined Heron April last year after 8 years up road with fast jets and I had to do a hearing test straight away due to my complaint of Tinnitus in my left ear. I was just border line after that test. After a few more tests , due to the nurse not happy with the results, my hearing was slowly deterioting. I was sent to Doncaster Audiooligist for more tests and after 2 more hearing tests it was decided that I would have to wear a hearing aid in my left ear due to a H3 level of hearing.

    I was just wondering if anyone had any idea of what may happen to me.I have heard I will go straight to MBOS with possible permanent downgrade and a possible undeployable downgrade too.
    I have heard a number of things but still in the dark about it all.
    Will I be able to stay in the Wafu Branch? Will I be completely undeployable?

    I hope someone could possibly shine some light on the subject as I have not had much help so far.

  2. You need to speak to the PMO or DPMO in Heron. S/He will have access to your docs - without seeing the details it's very hard to say, and duff info is worse than nothing.
  3. Cheers Angry doc just wondered if anyone had known of anyone with a hearing aid and what happened to them but i will chase up on monday
  4. Wafu's don't need good hearing cos they don't listen anyway:lurk:
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  5. That's cos everyone else talks bollocks!!!!!!!:argue:

    Returning back to my cave to hide!!!!!!
  6. Just out of interest, there's a serving 2 1/2 I know of personally who has a hearing aid but he can't go to sea (P7R or whatever it is these days), as a WAFU you're halfway there already.
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  7. Cheers there WreckerL ....... well i have done nine years without one day at sea so I could possibly do full service without sea lol.............Can he still go on detachments?????????
  8. Dunno about detachments, he's not pushing it if he can go though.
  9. Deafs mate, whatever happens make sure you get a copy of your audiology results. You will need these in the future when Pusser has finished with you and you end up trying to prove where your deafness originated. I was lucky to be given a set by the Sick Bay Tiff at Seafield Park. Five years later in Civvy Street every medic and his dog tried to blame everything else apart from the Flight Decks and Lines that I worked on for 22 years.
    I now have a 28% disability Pension and two hearing aids.
    Forewarned is forearmed.
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  10. Now that's good advice, and make copies of the copies, you'd be surprised how much gets "lost" in the post.
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  11. Hear, Hear, I concur with WreckerL that is definitely the thing to do make sure absolutely everything is written down and copied you don't know how right CrashCrew is
  12. After my missus constantly complained about me having the TV too loud, I decided to get myself checked out.

    The test at Nelson came up as showing a minor issue in one ear.

    No dramas, keep an eye on it.

    3 years later, I decide to bang my chit in. I have a leaving medical, nothing is said.

    Another year down the line, I decide to go for a check up, it's been a while and it'd be nice to know what's going on. I see the civvy doc and BOOM! Bilateral hearing loss and severe tinnitus. Hearing aids issued for both ears and I'm officially a spaz. Tried pursuing the mob, but apparently my problem isn't bad enough.
  13. I had hearing aids for my last two years of service. However, by that time I had completed over thirty years in the mob and was eligible for sea service due to other complications. I believe if my hearing had worsened any further I would in all probability have been kicked out before my time was up - in other words there is a cut off point - having hearing aids does not necessarily imply that you have reached that point. The system will of course look at each case as there are always different circumstances and will then make a judgement based on that set of circumstances. I think.

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