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Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by scouse, Mar 5, 2013.

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  1. I'm hearing from contacts across the pond that Obama looking to scrap the F35 project completely because of costs & overrun, also it's been mooted that one of the new carriers will be sold to India to replace the Viraat that they are decommissioning by 2018/20 as their replacement harrier carrier & the other one might go to France to replace the Charles De Gaulle thats at least four years past it's refit date & is rumoured to have a reactor problem.:happy8:
  2. Oh dear, time for a re-think.
  3. Heard that too Scouse, but I work in an environment where 'buzz's' and rumour are abound so take in neither.

    Be a shame, it's a looker and on initial reports performs well.
  4. The original intention was to build three carriers including one for France, it all fell out of bed over cat & trap issues for cross decking, it's quite possible France would buy one at build cost & absorb the conversion costs to electric cat & trap as steam is a complete non starter.

    A much cheaper & quicker option for them then trying to refit the ageing Charles De Gaulle.

    The UK may just scrap the idea of 5/6th generation fast jets & go straight into ship operated/controlled "drones" for air cover.

    Using socio/political thinking by scrapping all the fast jets you would save more then enough to pay for the NHS deficit, & look good in the eyes of the left wing voting masses, politically it's a win win vote catching situation.

    Just a personal opinion on the subject.
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  5. Seaweed

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  6. I'm pretty sure that this is the future!
  7. So the crabs got their wish, total control over fixed wing aircraft!!!
  8. I don't think so, if it's decided to do away with all fast jets like New Zealand they will be left with the rotary, transportation & drones.

    Although you have to give them credit, the "crabs" have always been supreme at playing the long game.
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  9. America cannot afford to get rid of this aircraft now Iran has their new stealth fighter!!!
  10. Iran ? Stealth fighter ? Yeah alright, on PS4 maybe.
  11. The point most people miss is that stealth is only really effective from ground/ship based radar IE: from underneath the aircraft, once it's in the air it's quite easily detected from above because of the exhaust gasses.

    Stealth does not mean undetectable, it only means not easily detected.

    There are four main points against your argument.

    1/ Even if it existed Israel & the other Arab nations wouldn't let them fly as they have all got to much to lose, Iran is seen as a rogue state even by most of the Arab nations.

    2/ They would be clearly identified from satellite's already positioned watching what is going on & could be taken out by Israeli/drone missiles as soon as they cleared Iranian airspace.

    3/ They wouldn't have the range to cover the flying distance without in-flight refuelling & the tankers definitely won't have any stealth capability.

    4/ The financial case for continuing development/production of the F35 is completely falling out of bed, more & more nations that expressed interest are now pulling out or reducing their intended orders, IE.: Canada, Italy, Spain & the UK, with the current & ongoing US financial situation they can no longer afford to go it alone with such costly projects.

    Just of course a personal opinion.
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  12. I doubt it.
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  13. Quite correct if it ever happens, but this is for cat & trap & the MIG 29k's, there are shed-loads of problems with the delays & contracts for both the carrier & aircraft & they are finding it a nightmare dealing with the Russian's, it could be that India is now looking to go down the European route for it's suppliers.

    The intention for one of the QE class carriers if/when it's available is solely for harriers & rotary, it's also rumoured that they are interested in the Rafale for any future fixed wing cat & trap aircraft, with all their massive financial investments in the EU it's not surprising they are looking to go down this path.

    Just of course a personal opinion.
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  14. Meanwhile............ The old Hermes, with harriers and jaguars and super hornets.jpg
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