Health and safety defeats Marines who tackled Somali pirates

If any of this petty 'jobsworth' stuff is true, it makes me seethe:
Daily Telegraph 23 Aug 2011 said:
Marines who have defeated Somali pirates in the Indian Ocean were sent for "training" by health and safety officials before being allowed to re-enact their encounters at the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo.

Members of HMS Montrose's counter-piracy team board hijacked ships using a technique called "fast roping" in which they slide down ropes without harnesses and with their hands protected by asbestos gloves. The men planned to display the technique at the event and were astonished to be told they would have to undertake training with an industrial rope-access firm.

They were also not allowed to simulate shooting pirates, who would instead have to give themselves up as part of a re-enactment of last year's successful Ocean Shield operation. The Marines were sent to a council facility in Edinburgh before health and safety officials at the local authority and the Historic Scotland agency approved the display.

They were shown how to abseil to the standards expected in an industrial environment and have not been allowed to "fast rope" in the show, which is performed every evening in August...


War Hero
The picture that accompanied the article in the paper Telegraph showed what appeared to be Michelin Man with a very 'unlike Royal' grid. More health and safety padding or a chubster sailor and incorrect caption?

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