Headteacher suspends 36 children in school uniform crackdown

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Richie, Sep 7, 2007.

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  1. A no-nonsense headteacher suspends 36 children in school uniform crackdown - should have done it years ago then we woudn't have the low standards (academic and social responsiblity) we have in schools today.
  2. Re: Headteacher suspends 36 children in school uniform crack

    should have added - see story in Daily Mail 7 Aug. 2007, sorry
  3. While I go along with your sentiments Richie, in our area a head mistress banned a pupil for not having the correct blouse on. When it was pointed out that schools supplier had failed to deliver the blouses on time, a parent was told "That is no excuse."

    Semper Strenuissima
  4. Re: Headteacher suspends 36 children in school uniform crack

    What constitutes school uniform?

    I went to a Secondary school where the kids were mainly from well off families. I was the oldest of quite a large family and money was tight. The school all but insisted that ALL the pupils wore Blazers. Even in 1975 this item was approaching £70. Considering I would have grown out of it within 2 years I told my parents not to bother but they said they'd get me one.

    So the first day of school arrives and I still havent got a blazer and didn't have one for the next 3 days. Those 3 days were some of the worst days of my life. I got hell from some of the kids which at 12 years old and 5'8" i could deal with no problem. But the teachers were absolute cnuts. Just about every lesson I was singled out for attention "Where is your Blazer" The PE Teacher, a guy called Sharkey positively ridiculed me for it. I ended up in the Rectors office for calling him a "Little Prick" (He was 2" shorter than I) and subsiquently being belted.

    Now, before anyone has a go at me for being anti-uniform I should tell you that I am not. I did not stop wearing school uniform untill my final day at school. there is nothing wrong with shirt, tie, trousers or skirt and proper shoes for kids, these can be purchased at reasonable cost. But when it comes to more expensive items then the school should show some discretion.

    BTW I went back to the school to enroll my Nephew 4 years ago and the "Little Prick" was still there - still as obnoxious as ever, He is also my Nephew's guidance teacher. Suffice to say i'm keeping a close eye on him.
  5. my old school was the same its even worse now... as my girl goes there
    i like the fact of school uniforms .. to me it gives a sence of pride.. but what i strongly diagree with is it being so costly.... should it realy matter what type of black/blue/grey skirt they wear as long as it is decent...
    ssome schools even tell you which shop you have to go to.. now thats profitering of the worst kind imo... if we were like other countries and alowed free clothes to be worn that would be even worse.... since the fashion today costs your arms as well as your legs..
    as long as our children attend school thats the important thing
  6. Josie

    Your last line means little if they attend a school that fails to teach them that they have responsibilities and standards to maintain in both thir school and private lives.

    It appears to outsiders that many teach only self self, with no place for rebuke or to told you are failing in what ever field.

  7. maybe nutty but teaching children about lives resposiblities is also the parents job... to many think that the school should do all the work.... well sorry but i had my children therefore its up to me to teach them these things
  8. A school uniform is supposed to be a relatively cheap way of ensuring that all the students are, appearance wise, on an equal footing. They should not be so expensive that some students can't afford them. Thats the ideal anyway. I know, from bitter experience, that public school uniforms in Australia cost a fortune.

    However, its better than the alternative. A mates American wife told me that school in the US was a fashion parade and to be seen wearing the same gear twice in a week was asking for social isolation and ridicule.
  9. Jack, it depends on which school you're going to. Standard gear for my son and daughter (approx 4 years ago), was a t-shirt, ratty jeans, and shoes that were just barely sewn together... but they both belonged to the slacker group.
  10. Re: Headteacher suspends 36 children in school uniform crack

    Seems a bit funny this stuff, I watched my two kids go through high school, and the loans we had to take out to buy them stuff...Lol j/k, my Son not so bad, the Daughter....sheesh...anyway's. As a kid myself living over there (Chatham) and going to school wearing the shorts/shirt/tie/blazer and the AC/DC school cap (four keys), I am a firm believer that, that is the way to do it, whatever the cost of the Uniform the costs associated the other way far outweigh them..

    Also it has been a bit of a debate here, whether our schools should adopt a uniform approach.
  11. Scientific research has linked having a uniform to IQ, didn't you know?
  12. Arh but which way?
  13. Re: Headteacher suspends 36 children in school uniform crack

    When I was in Scotland last year visiting my wifes rellies, I noticed that no matter what school they went to,all the kids seemed to wear the same school uniform of black pants/dress and jumper with a white shirt. I was told that this rig was chosen by the kids themselves. It was practical and had the added advantage of black not being assosciated with the sectarian divisions prevalent amongst the Jocks.

    Jarhead, my mates wife is a lovely woman but I could see her being one of her high schools fashion nazis :)
  14. Josie

    I totally agree with you that it is the primary responsibility of the Parents/parent to install responsibility and respect for others and their property into their children. Only it seems to me that the teaching profession has completely abrogated any responsibility. Now days they seem much more intent on their career structure, Head of Department, Head of Year, Head of this Head of that, than turning out responsible children who can read and do joined up writing.

    The Schools attitudes of course make it much harder for the parents to install social standards.

  15. Unfortunately Nutty the attitude of many parents means that teachers are often afraid to discipline the little angels. Kid goes home upset, large chav enters school next day and abuses teaching staff.
    Perhaps Hitlers idea of removing some from the gene pool wasn't such a bad idea after all.
  16. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Re: Headteacher suspends 36 children in school uniform crack

    It must be chilly not wearing trousers (you North American you) :thumright:
  17. my two started school today and all the children were dressed exactlt the same - asda clones. very cheap - £1.50 for a polo shirt etc etc. only designed to last for 1 year and then thrown. cant see a problem with that
  18. Yes but sometimes headteachers are a little power mad, House of Fraser was the official uniform supplier to the girls school where I did my Sixth Form. The skirts they sold had a slit on the side of them, when the head saw one of the girls wearing this skirt she was told it was not uniform spec and would have to change it, despite it coming from the official supplier!

    Needless to say, this head is less than popular with the school, and the parents who now have to go to an unofficial supplier to get the right skirt for their daughters!
  19. It still amazes me that we just don't have a single school uniform for all kids. Let the DoE dictate the specifications, and supplies meet those specs. The competition would drive down prices and ensure quality, no one would be confused and any kid seen out of school uniform during the day is instantly recognizable as probably bunking off. Screw the uniform clothing company mafia!

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