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HEADS UP! Stolen RM Medal Clasps - OP HERRICK


Copied from ARRSE - apologies if this is a duplicated topic, but I couldn't see anything on a search.

tac1 said:
From Paul at BMF

I have today been contacted by the investigating officer in the MOD police with regards 30 but possibly 60 stolen OSM's clasp "Afghanistan" stolen from the Royal Marines. Phil has also published an excellent article in Medal News with the names.

If anyone knows or thinks they know of the whereabouts of any of the medals please contact DC Debbie Kirby on
[email protected]

This is an opportunity for us to put medals back on chests were they belong. I would be happy for members to cut and paste this and post on as many web sites as possible I am not hopeful but lets see what we can do before the 11 November.

Keep your eyes peeled chaps.

dante242 said:
I am the guy that posted this on BMF, thanks tac1 , the names and details of the stolen medals are as follows,

OSM – Afghanistan clasp


Iraq Medal


RN LS&GC Medal




Happy for any website to be informed, also if any MOD staff watching can assist as regimental numbers will not be released to the MOD plod or collectors, if anyone does not want to contact MOD plod direct happy to take pm's


Slightly off thread but a human interest dit, the PO Cook on the Nubian had his Radfan medal stolen by some lowlife and he was not amused, you may wonder how he came by such a gong, well he was cooking in a field kitchen in that God forsaken land for the SF's.


War Hero
I'm pretty certain that they don't put names on the clasps so it will be difficult to trace them unless the thief is stupid enough to sell them in bulk.

I'm pretty certain that they don't put names on the clasps so it will be difficult to trace them unless the thief is stupid enough to sell them in bulk.


Slight english grammar problem --------read original post
'' OSM with clasp Afghanistan.''

No SF they don't name clasps :thanks: :thanks:

:nemo: :nemo:
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