Heads up on a Toxic RM Walt as featured on Arrsepedia

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by Pandaplodder, Jul 17, 2009.

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  1. The whole sorry story can be read here:


    I have heard this is the latest thing to hit office walls and bulkheads of the Fleet!

    Now as he is featured there, can he still qualify for an entry in RRpedia?
  2. Not wishing to have a go but every other thread on ARRSE is about some walt or fake paramedic ffs. They don't even seem to have the decency to apologise when the alledged walt is found to be a serving/former soldier anyway!!

    I wouldn't mind but "Daine" looks like he's eaten too many pies anyway so how he can get away with his claims are beyond me. Its up to the government to pass some legislation making walting an illegal act.

    Lets not make this site like ARRSE is this respect please!!

  3. try reading it again, doesn't grooming cadets worry you, as for the authorities, the Police are unwilling to do much, the MoD has its hands tied the more people know about this scum the better.

    Must say the response on "Once a Marine" site was a lot better
  4. I'M NOT disagreeing with you but what is this a vigilante site aimed at outing everyone under the sun!! If he's allegedly grooming kids then that is a criminal offence that should be again brought to the attention of the police who if they have something called evidence should then act upon it.

    Personally i'd like to smash the twunts face in just for wearing the shoulder titles and jumps wings in the phot that i sweated my bollocks off to earn.
  5. Personally, I get amused by anyone trying to pass themselves off as anything they was not.
    Everyone who knows the forces way of life can spot a Walt with very little trouble. I have never been a booty, but I bet I could spot an imposter with very little trouble.
    Except I successfully impersonated a sailor for years and my DO's never sussed me. 8O
    At 35, I married a 21year old so I know about grooming young women,I was a dirty b*stard. Bite me :twisted:
    I even intend to Out XRD eventually, trying to Walt that he is essence. :wink: :D
  6. What a prat.

    I feel sorry for these people but having said that. To claim you are the son of a dead SAS hero :x And the prat attacked his disabled mother!!!

    Only walt I ever met was the one when I was out walking and viewing the group rock climbing. I used to do that this chap tells me until I bust my leg parachuting when serving with the Royal Marines. Tell me more I said I have also parachuted a while back. Is that the time I have to go!!!!

    Sad people!!!
  7. It's not just armed forces though, it depends with some what they see as being "The thing".
    I have had an HGV licence for years, but drove 7.5tonners because I landed an easier better paid job than big stuff, but everywhere you stopped for a cuppa all the 7.5 ton drivers claimed to hold HGV. WHY?
    I work for money not prestige, and you cannot spend "Machoness".
    But when as you said, you profess a knowledge, the Walts seem to know when to retreat.
    I can't even blag the war office successfully :cry: :cry: 8O
  8. Just read all the thread about knumb nuts halliday,this is one ferkin looneytoon,from my limited experiances with walts i think its a case of Wannabee but could never do,in my mind its a kind of sickness and if left untreated then it can get way out of hand,ie hanging round with cadets and telling porkys on bebo,i think exposure and embarressment should do the trick,
    Right thats that sorted now i am off down the pub,cheers :eek:ccasion5:
  9. When I was trucking we had a saying "The bigger the motor the bigger the cnut!" :geek:
  10. When I was trucking we had the saying "The bigger the motor the bigger the cnut!" :roll:
  11. Jesse what a coincidence, I stutter occasionally as well. 8O :D :D :D
  12. I remember the BIG WHEELIE drivers popping into the power station with there ginormous trucks. Until they encountered me and the mates in our big diggers. Then it was payback time for the times on the M6 cnuts!!

  13. Unfortunately the plod are unwilling to do much unless it gets seriously out of hand

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